KoDaFe in NYC 2017

i KADA Contemporary Dance Company

The company name "KADA" stands for Korean American Dance Association. We are a contemporary dance company focusing on cultural exchange through the arts. i KADA has been producing contemporary dance shows since 2011 and has presented an international festival called KoDaFe in NYC since 2013. The festival has been successfully presented and We have been interviewed by Asian Culture complex, one of the biggest cultural events publications in Asia. Since the beginning, KoDaFe in NYC has grown and taken on sponsors such as Fractured Atlas (www.fracturedatlas.org) and Korean Cultural Service (www.koreanculture.org). The festival was aired on television on MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network Culture channel) from September - October 2014.

$15.00 - $25.00


i KADA Contemporary Dance Company presents the 5th Annual KoDeFe in NYC production. This years' theme is "Creating a Peaceful World". We have asked our choreographers to create pieces with us, in coordinance to this theme. With this show, we hope to inspire others to make better and positive decisions that will benefit not only themselves but those around them. In doing so, one by one this world can and will become a peaceful and safe place for all to live.

KoDaFe in NYC brings different Dance companies together to share a stage, making this a vital part of our cultural exchange mission. Through this mission, we hope to nurture the connections and relationships made during this experience, with as many dance companies and artist as possible.

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