Fate Under Fire, Miracle Me, Trebuchet (closing set)

Fate Under Fire

Formed in the summer of 2008 by Singer/Songwriter David James, Fate Under Fire has found booming success in the Indie/pop landscape. Music had always been a huge part of David's life, but after a significant loss, he turned to music as a release and began to pursue his life long dream. 

Fate Under Fire is an energetic Pop/Rock band from Sacramento, CA. Their live show consists of a mix of cover and original songs with lights, theatrics and anthemic drum sections. Fate Under Fire can also bring their set down to perform a charismatic, lively acoustic show. Cover songs are also a part of their repertoire. The band is set to release a new music video and single June 2017. 
Since the release of the EP "What Dreams Are Made Of", Fate Under Fire has been on a roll, landing multiple film and TV placements. The band recently won the MTVu Freshman Five competition, and the music video for nationally acclaimed single, "On The Water" is on regular rotation on MTV Networks. Additionally, the video has been featured on FUSE Networks and UpTV. “On The Water” is being used in AT&Ts “The Mobile Movement” ad campaign and is also currently the theme song for ‘All In With Laila Ali’, which airs on CBS every Saturday morning at 9 AM.

“It’s a great song. It’s Inspiring. Perfect for our show.” – Laila Ali

Miracle Me

Trebuchet (closing set)

Petaluma, CA’s Trebuchet all met while attending music school at Sonoma State University, although it wasn’t until four years later in 2010 that its four members decided to form as an indie group.

Many years of studying and working on various other musical projects together had afforded its members a strong musical chemistry: one that has helped them achieve a level of honesty on their second album, Volte-Face, which reflects the two years of drastic change in the life of lyricist Eliott Whitehurst that inspired it.

Named after the French term that literally translates to “about face,” Volte-Faceconcerns a sharp turn down a new path for the singer, who abruptly called off his engagement to be married some two years ago. His struggles are conceptualized heavily throughout the album and provide perhaps the most literal explanation of its title. Collectively, all manner of personal woes are filtered through the minor tones on Volte-Face, and in their vulnerability can be heard the sound of Trebuchet’s catharsis.

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