Faith Healer

The Halamays

Who are the Halamays?
Choose Your Own Adventure Below!

A) The Halamays are mythical Norse gods, generally noted for their atom-splitting harmonic precision and cool socks

B) The Halamays are the romantically-involved robot creations of the reclusive Dr. G.R. Halamay—the mustachioed owner and proprietor of the world’s last record store. It was back amidst the dusty stacks of cut-out compact discs that they say they found their sentience, halfway through the bridge of “Something.”

C) The Halamays are Hal-amazing!

D) The Halamays are the marriage of the resolute and the irrefutably cute—roots in the grass and boots to the ass. Come see their show, and you will know, how Niagara falls in love with Ohio.

E) Who cares? I’m hungry.

$10.00 - $12.00


Under 21 pays $3 cash surcharge at door

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