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Ayo Breeze

Ayo Breeze is a New York Hip-Hop recording artist, song-writer, and producer. Born in Crown Heights Brooklyn and raised in Jamaica Queens, his immersion in Hip-Hop began at home. His father, a local radio DJ, gave him a MPC player and by 8 years old he was already making beats.

He became known as Breeze for his natural laid back swagger and signature sound, with its R&B melodies, infectious beats, and positive vibe. “The whole reason for me even following music was to stay out of trouble…” he says. “[When] I was 15 years old I was approached at gunpoint by a guy in an argument in Hollis Queens. I had the choice to calm everything down. That was a changing point for me, in terms of taking life more serious… I have to go a different route, I have to live life. Living life today is what my music is about. ” Shortly thereafter his dad helped him build a studio to begin recording his music.
By high school, Breeze was DJing to make a living and performing as a part of the duo Breeze and SP (currently known as Ayo Breeze x Cheffboy.) The group put out several mixtapes and built a fan-following in the tri-state party scene. Breeze’s first solo album “So Past Done” arrived in 2013. It nods to the 90’s Hip-Hop he was raised on.
Breeze has since grown his solo following as a regular featured artist at New York area mega clubs, including Webster Hall and Amazura Nightclub. In addition, the releases of his often innovative, popular videos – such as “Butt Gettin’ Big,” “What it Lookin’ Like” and “Bounce on it” – through MTV, World Star Hip Hop, BET Jams, Youtube, and Music Choice on Demand, have racked up over a hundred thousand hits.
Today, Breeze is the leader of the Hooked On Money Entertainment (H.O.M.E.) record label and grass roots movement. His highly anticipated second album “Blunts, Money & Women” (or “BMW”) was written after a period of a year living in the South and is the perfect driving soundtrack.
Do yourself the favor and listen now to the new album “Blunts, Money, Women” on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal, and check out his latest video single for “Joe Jackson” on YouTube.


Thomas Skinner, whose better known as Cheffboy, is more than just your typical Man from Queens, New York with a sun beaming crest smile. He's also quite possibly projected to be the one best and only Chef rapper/producer in the US. He hardly touches a stove, but when it comes to music he's forever immersed from cooking, preparing and serving music for the soul.

As a child Cheff grew up in a Baptist Church where it was forbidden to say or play any secular music. At the age of 13 he started secretly sliding in drum patterns from popular songs on the radio. The church loved it, so he continued. His lifestyle was attributed from his knowledge of the basic principles from the bible. That combination with his love of Hard Hip hop and 90s R&B beats, created the Cheffboy sound.

Although Cheff has always had a love for music, he once gave it all up at the age of 20. His father who is very close to him was diagnosed with cancer. His drive was blinded by his minor depression due to the fear of losing his dad. As he watched his father fight cancer with much courage it inspired him once again to share is music with the world.
Today Cheffboy performs and cooks up music all across the United States. He's currently releasing a new song every week from the project "Taste test", and he continues to brighten every room with his smile while cooking up tracks in the studio.

Cheffs’ dreams of one day influencing a whole generation of artists and producers is by keeping all his music fresh, clean and different. As the founder of the “Cheff Sound”, he will not rest until his music is served to every soul on the planet. In the mean time, he will continue to bring his audience a conscious Cheff Sound. While being enthusiast with the Cheff Sounds,he wants to spread his Message; "Cheffboy, serving fresh music for the soul".


Stable is an "internationally known" Hip-Hop artist that lyrically shares his life experiences through music with the world. Stable developed his music craft at the age of 13. Losing his mother 2 years prior, Stable focused on music as it was an outlet to release his feelings at the time. In 2004 Stable had his 1st taste of music success with Indie record company Platinum Dice. Within his 1st year as an artist he won multiple competitions most notably being crowned “Best Male Artist” in the North-Eastern region by Musician Minds Magazine. Stable himself has had the opportunity to open up Universe Soul Circus in the Bronx May 17, 2005. Stable has also performed at the old Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY. in the same year.

Stable was also blessed to work with the Legendary Tony Tone (Cold Crush Brothers), Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. and Camilla (Legacy Coalition) with teenagers at the Job Corps in the Bronx informing them on domestic violence and other other teenage issues through music. One of Stable’s talents as an artist is his ability to vividly tell a story through music. This talent would have him feature on many various songs worldwide with eager music peers looking to obtain a verse. To further his knowledge of Business and continue his studies in 2008 Stable stepped away from music to go to college in efforts to start his own entity.

2011 Stable obtained his Business Administration Degree and founded his own record company "Stable Musik Group LLC" with its main goal to help push out his own music projects and help emerging artists facilitate their musical careers. By 2016 Stable has toured 10 states and 20 cities and placed music in over 30 markets while developing his skills as a solid lyrical story-teller. Stable throughout his career has worked with artists worldwide and has been placed on various CD’s in Germany, Italy, Africa, and France.

Stable completed his much anticipated LP entitled “Made In Harlem" with production from NY Bangers, Amadeus (BadBoy Hitmen/Platinum Boy Music), and Superstar O selling over 1000 copies independently while securing a station on Pandora.com/stable.

February 2017 STABLE released his second album entitled Made in Harlem 2. MIH2 a sequel to the 1st LP Made in Harlem STABLE continued to captivate the fans with captivating lyrics, catchy hooks, street stories, and wordplay the fans grew to enjoy over the years.


Hailing from legendary Queens, NY, Dave2on is an artist who seems like it’s hard to scratch beyond the surface with. Though he doesn't seem like a man of many words, his music is what paints his pictures for him, and his latest project “Dream But Don’t Sleep” paints a introspective and gritty but eager image of the man himself.

Knowing music was an important part of his life since elementary school,Dave2on started actually writing in about 2005. This was around the time fellow Queens native 50 Cent started seeing the success of his debut album and movie. Seeing what life had become for someone who came from the same place as him was enough to spark the fire that brought him to today.In 2016 is when he linked up with fellow artist and close friend "Ayo Breeze" who saw his diversity and talent , the two would soon create in the studio feeding off one another's ideas, thus the completion of

"Dream But Don't Sleep" was created, Dave2on would emerge and step forward as an upcoming Mcee.

Dave2on makes music that could be categorized as alternative hip-hop, but with a delivery that lets you know he’s absolutely a New York artist. With a range that includes both the mellow mood of a Jimi Hendrix and the hype of a James Brown, Dave2on’s influences let him make music with a vibe that isn’t monotone or bland. Some days days you can pick up a Travis Scott vibe, other days you can get hear a little Bobby Shmurda, but it’s always great energy.

His newest project “Dream But Don't Sleep” pulls the whole spectrum of his sound into one project based around getting the opportunity to live your dreams and making sure the right amount of work is put in. It’s a powerful opening for a man that prefers to let his work speak for him, and it doesn’t disappoint. Hooked On Money Entertainment knew "Dave2on" was a born star at first sight , it was only soon the world would notice it as well. His new song/video titled "NEEDS" is the debut single from the EP, so watch as Dave2on makes his mark , his journey begins now...

Rich McMichael

Soul eclectic R&B sounds with a touch of street brings the universal sound of Rich McMichael, born & raised in Queens Ny. He's now proven to be a stand out artist with his dynamic powerful vocals demanding immediate attention with the harmonizing sounds that leaves from his voice.

Northside Lords

Aka NSL, A Maturing Team Of Three Music Artist Benji, Swagg & Flashee Representing Northside Jamaica Queens,NY



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