Mike Clip Payne's 420 Funk Mob/Rx, P-Funk Members & Allstar Friends

Mike Clip Payne's 420 Funk Mob/Rx, P-Funk Members & Allstar Friends

Mike Clip Payne of Parliment Funkadelic

Greg Fitz- Bootsy's Rubber Band

Adam Widoff- DRUGS, ex Lenny Kravitz

Joey Eppard- DRUGS, 3

Chicken Burke- DRUGS, Duke & the King

Burnell Pines- DRUGS, Burnell Pines

Fred Cash Jr.- Big Lovely

Making their first 420 Funk Mob/Rx appearance...
Adrian Tramontano of KUNG FU

Darian Cunning- ex Jen Durkin & the Business

What began as a side trip for Parliament-Funkadelic's Michael "Clip" Payne has evolved into one of the most versatile jam bands around, a Family Stone-meets-The-Dead vehicle that frees your mind -- so that your ass, of course, can follow. Some of the finest original funk this side of Sly Stone, Larry Graham, and the Godfather of Soul. The 420 Funk Mob/rx melds that sound with some Sixties psychedelia, a bit of Sun Ra "arkestration," and even a little soft rock, performed by a revolving cast of former P-Funk members and masterful musician friends. Jam after jam, style after style, they sync up. One Collective under a frequently hypnotic groove." Jambase.com

BUTTA is a greasy amalgamation of funk, and Jazz that was founded by Dave Mullen (Sax, Producer, Composer). Butta's been a mainstay on the NYC scene, electrifying audiences with their funk/groove infused live shows, creating something fresh that's dripping with that old school flavor.

Joe Stuby and Rocking Horse

A sound deeply rooted in the blues with a hard hitting heavy funk/rock groove is what you will hear when Joe Stuby & Rocking Horse perform. Influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Paliament/Funkadelic, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Sly Stone form the core of the sound as spontaneity and improvisation highlight their live shows. This Blues/Funk/Rock band provides an exciting and passionate journey every time they take the stage.



$25 in advance, $30 cash at the door. 

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for ages under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant. 

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