Tre Justice

Coming in with a business mindset and a background in metal it was obvious that this one was going to stick out from the crop of average producers. From starting up production along with his own company " The Bassment " in the city of Fredericksburg Virginia this guy has kept himself busy. Garnering the the attention of DMV EDM powerhouses B.A.D.A.S.S. RAVES & Steez Promo in the last year along with catching our eye. Like the others this ones not afraid to venture from the norm when it comes to his production with his last track " The Raven " starting with Edgar Allan Poe's own writing. Should be fun to check out what battle style he chooses for the royale.

Soundcloud: @trejustice

Part of the movement to bring the positive vibes of EDM to Fredericksburg and NOVA.

$15 ADV $20 DOS


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