American Hardcore band founded in 1979 in Austin, Texas.

The Elected Officials

The Elected Officials is an anarcho-hardcore punk band from Austin, TX and Santa Fe New Mexico. Former members of at least 15 other bands, EO delivers ripping hardcore punk rock. With lyrics about corporate politics, big box stores, religious pundits and oppression, we hope to inspire punks to get involved with social issues and participate in the glolbal DIY community. Fighting for Social Justice is a way of life and talking about it is just the beginning….

Infant Mortality

Band members:
- Ron King (9)
- Dan Hoster
- Pat Bradley (2)
- Mike Pritchett (2)


Disogyny is a hardcore punk band from South Philadelphia which formed a little more than a year ago. Their line up includes members of Disjawn and Thulsa Doom. With each member having vastly diverse musical interests, they have come together to create a blend of all their favorite influences from blues to black metal in a way that works. Not your typical hardcore punk band, Disogyny keeps it interesting.


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