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DeathMaschine present an incendiary combination of harsh electronics, scathing metal, and decrepit industrial backdrops. Drawing as much from the nightmarish atmospheres of Skinny Puppy as from the raucous guitar-driven noise of Rammstein, making for a sound that is both hauntingly familiar as it is unsettlingly fresh. The Human Condition marks the second of the band’s self-released efforts, following after 2009’s Impulse Over Restraint and furthering their exploration of mechanical madness. The formula is simple and effective, full of aggression that never once lets up, enough to instill paralyzing fear and vicious glee all at once. The production is just as dirty as the music and in all the right ways to enhance DeathMaschine’s audio/visual onslaught. At five tracks and just over 20 minutes, The Human Condition is brief enough to keep the formula from diluting, packing a fully volatile punch that will leave the listener’s ears feeling appropriately bruised and abused


From the filth of Baltimore Chitin bring a mix of industrial, metal and hardcore punk they label themselves as anti-core. Started in 2012 by frontman lot3k and bassist dusty lux then later joined by nimrod on drums and takk on guitar chitin has been growing in the baltimore scene show by show.
Releasing two cds (too human and void) they are currently working on their third release titled g0d_c0mpl3x for release early next year.

Generation Empty

Originally prescribed as an industrial rock hybrid, Generation Empty has abused its medication by experimenting with shots of sleazy blues riffs, hits of brutal metal beats, and overdoses of assorted electronic influences. As a result, the rock band from Philadelphia has concocted a potentially hazardous, yet highly addictive substance for a new generation of listeners.

DJ Mighty Mike Saga

Back in 1988, at the age of 11, I first heard Rigor Mortis by A Split Second. Little did I know at the time that a song I heard in my youth on a local Texas college radio station would change my perspective on music forever.

Electronic music then became a driving force in my life. From the raves and clubs I religiously attended in my late teenage years to the parties I promoted and organized in my early 20's, the love of music and the need to share that love with anyone that would listen led to my inevitable career as a DJ.

I started out in late 2002 as an 80's DJ playing and collecting 80's vinyl. I opened up at raves and played at house parties or anywhere that I could have the opportunity to move a crowd. By 2003 I was asked to perform at Philadelphia's infamous Gothic/Industrial fetish event SHOCK THERAPY.

Ever diligent to expand my horizons, I began collecting a variety of electronic styles (ebm, darkwave, terror ebm, synthpop, etc.) Patiently I taught myself the art of beat matching and mixing these forms of music into my sets and by 2005 I was offered a residency at SHOCK THERAPY. Attaining a good reputation and the freedom to express myself creatively I began organizing events fusing EDM commonly played at raves with Gothic/Industrial music. The FULL MOON GATHERING and C.H.U.D. events of late 2005 are still fondly remembered by many as a huge success in bringing people from many musical tastes and backgrounds together in harmony.

Opening new ears to the Gothic/Industrial sound caught the attention of a number of promoters. To my credit and honor I performed at DRACULA'S BALL, the largest Gothic/Industrial event in Philadelphia and usually play weekly at Philly's longest running Gothic/Industrial/80's alternative night NOCTURNE. I am featured in NYC frequently at the SMACK! and BYTE parties, and went on to play the BLACK SUN FESTIVAL II in New Haven Connecticut.

These are merely the highlights. The biggest highlight i have achieved and acomplished is playing at the WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN event in Leipzig Germany with 20,000+ people attending! This is the world's largest Gothic/Industrial event. As a Dj I love what I do and I am completely self promoted. I'm living my dreams of opening minds and bringing the music I love to the masses!

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