Mickey Acorn Presents Dear Lucy - A Zombie Folk Rock Opera

Mickey Acorn Presents Dear Lucy - A Zombie Folk Rock Opera

Where were you November 15th, 2046 when the zombie apocalypse started?

“Dear Lucy: a zombie folk rock opera” is a night of story in song written by Mickey Acorn. Each song is introduced by Dr. Michaels(played by Graham Putnam) as part of his briefing to the No-Vent46 National Committee (played by the audience). The songs are sung by our nameless hero (played by Acorn) accompanied Dr. Michael’s team of scientists. (Chris Acorn: Drums, Peter Forbes: Guitar, Tim Hamming: Bass, and Todd Maclean: Keyboard).
Songs are also complemented with journal entries written by the hero to his lost-and-now-zombie girlfriend Lucy.
It is a very simple but effective fusion of theater and intimate live music venues.
It is lyrically dark and sentimental, but with a sense of humor which frees it from pretense. And if you are familiar with Acorn’s work, this show carries the same melodic intoxication as his other catchy songs.
Why are scientists briefing a secret national committee through songs? You’ll have to see it to believe it.



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