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Tigerdog is guitarist/vocalist Daniel C. Hodges, bassist Ryan Southwell, and drummer David Z. Cox. Though the band itself is a newborn project, its foundations are rooted deeply in over ten years of friendship and musical collaboration. The North Carolina natives create a distinct sound, that is raw and emotionally honest.

Before Tigerdog, Hodges, Southwell, and Cox played and toured together as well separately in a number of other bands, including This Waking Moment, Swell Friends, and mega dope doom metal band White Plains. Hodges comes from a extensive touring background, having done a five-year stint of front of house work with widely-known bands Steel Train, FUN. and others.

After Daniel and David both quit fairly lucrative yet creatively unfulfilling full-time jobs in order to pursue music, the fruition of Tigerdog holds even more weight. Bassist Ryan Southwell said it best: "We all just wanna quit our lives and be Tigerdog forever."

It doesn’t take knowing Tigerdog’s background to hear that their songs offer up an honesty that says “the world isn’t perfect, but here’s my story, and yours is important too,” a method akin to artists like Pavement, Built to Spill, and David Bazan. What Tigerdog hearkens most is a golden era of honest indie rock.

The debut album from this fresh trio is slated to hit stores early Summer
of 2017, surrounded by an indefinite and busy touring schedule.

$5 - $10


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