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On a frigid January morning, Seattle quintet Smokey Brights packed every piece of gear they owned into a van and set up a recording studio in a massive barn on a Christmas tree farm in rural Carnation, WA. With the help of Cameron Spies and Elisabeth Ellison from Portland band Radiation City, the band filled their drafty, spooky studio with the sounds of what was to be their debut full length record, "Taste for Blood." After nine chilly days, stopping only to eat and sleep in a lofted apartment area above the barn, the crew emerged with an enigmatic and complex record. Rooted in 70's rock, the band traced surprising lines between new wave, folk, shoe gaze, Memphis soul, psychedelia, and blue color rock and roll. "Taste For Blood" hearkens back to a time when records were less of a collection of attempted singles, and more of holistic emotional journey, a lush landscape to get lost in.

The recording session started off what was to be a huge year for the group. In summer, singer/ guitarist Ryan Devlin and vocalist/ keyboardist Kim West got married, with the rest of the band in the wedding line. The band also brought their AM-pop-magic to a number of the Northwest's biggest festivals, including Timber! and Bumbershoot. Shortly thereafter, Smokey Brights released "Taste for Blood" to a resoundingly warm reception. The album – self-recorded, self-released, and entirely self-funded (no Kickstarter, no record deal, and no trust fund) – wound up on a number of "best of" lists, including that of DJs Marco Collins, Milo Miles, and Kevin Cole, and earned the band a spot in near constant rotation on KEXP. The record release show at Seattle's Tractor Tavern sold out before the doors even opened.

Despite these successes, the band remains as they have been since their beginnings in 2011: best friends. Bassist Jim Vermillion and drummer Nick Krivchenia have been hard forged brothers in rhythm for over a decade, having met studying audio engineering at Evergreen State. The two have been in bands ever since, including their experimental bass-loop duo Armed With Legs. Lead guitarist Mike Kalnoky and songwriter Ryan Devlin met playing in Seattle punk bands in the mid aughts, where Kalnoky's melodic and textural playing first caught Devlin's ear. Devlin and keyboardist Kim West have been playing music together at home for years and are delighted that their naturally harmonizing voices are reaching greater audiences. Through the countless hours of collaboration that has forged the band, the members have become even closer as friends. If Smokey Brights appear to be having a better time than anyone else in the room, it's because they probably are.


Sleeping Lessons

Sleeping Lessons is the latest Seattle indie-rock band on the block made up of a variety of projects ranging from international b-boy sensation Don’t Talk To The Cops, Seattle surf staples The Echo Echo Echoes, and backing the indie-folk prodigy Sophia Duccini. While Terence Bonsey was championing basslines to breakdancing competitions around the world; Charlie Deane, Dan Moretti and Paul Kowalczyk were busy sharing bills with artists such as Car Seat Headrest, Washed Out, STRFKR and more. In less than a year since their debut on Seattle’s famed Big BLDG Bash Festival main stage, Sleeping Lessons have started to create some serious momentum for themselves across the world with their self-produced debut album Red Sprites.

Spirit Award

Former member of 'Pomegranates'. Current member of 'Zoolab'.


"one of Pacific Northwest's premier rock and roll bands" - Versing

Great Spiders

GREAT SPIDERS is a band from Seattle, WA. They are fronted by Omar Schambacher.

Born from deep within the firm abdominal muscles of the Puget Sound region in late 2013, Bod features members of Boat, Cumulus, Oberhofer, and Slowwave. Bod's sound is a vivid and wide spectrum: the fuzzed-out growl of a diamond-encrusted theropod, lost like a lion in canyons of smoke; the baroque harmonies of the well-dressed and undead; the static warble of a public broadcast ID; playful arabesque melodies gliding across the green-screen rings of Saturn. Bod draws influences from late 90's Bay Area art-rock, be-bop, kiwi-pop, grunge, glam, gaze, minimalism, punk, and recreational watercraft.

Black Whales

Black Whales is a five-piece band from Seattle. Their sound drifts between booming, almost danceable psychedelic anthems to darker and more ambient territories. Pulling heavily from groups that have inspired them over the years, the band draws comparisons to groups from The Velvet Underground, 13th Floor Elevators and The Jesus and Mary Chain to more modern day contemporaries such as Kurt Vile, The War On Drugs and Crocodiles.

Formed in the winter of 2008 by close friends and longtime collaborators Alex Robert (vocals, guitar) and Alan Foote (guitar), the pair soon found a third partner in drummer Davey Brozowski (drums) before adding Ryan Middleton (bass) and later, organ and keys were introduced to the sound.

During the first years, the band experimented with different genres and styles, adopting a reverb-soaked garage pop sound, while also experimenting a bit with the freak-folk genre.

Moon Darling

Eastern Souvenirs

Mirror Ferrari


Senor Fin

Haunted Horses

Haunted Horses is an industrial-punk duo hailing from Seattle, WA. Their sound has been described as bizarre and experimental, utilizing wall of noise techniques and thunderous drums galloping through dark tones. Seattle's The Stranger describes the band as "confrontational prog punk as imagined by a troupe of angry cave-dwelling Luddites, Haunted Horses manifest a furious onslaught of sound rarely found these days, at times channeling prime-era Liars in their cacophonies of claustrophobic angst." The project has a full-length album called Watcher, which has been described as "post-apocalyptic punk magic" (The Needle Drop).

Neu Yeuth

Neu Yeuth is a Seattle-based electronic pop duo formed by Claire Grayson and Huntington Filson in 2015.



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