UPF Benefit show with Heems + special guests!

Punjabi-American rapper, founder of Greedhead Music, and native New Yorker, Himanshu "Heems" Suri launched his solo career while a member of alternative hip-hop group Das Racist. In 2012 under rap name Heems, he released two solo mixtapes, Nehru Jackets and Wild Water Kingdom.

After Das Racist split in late 2012, Heems headed to Bombay and began work on his official debut solo effort. The album was released in in 2015 and coincided with an exhibition of the rapper's artwork at the Aicon Gallery in New York City. Both the LP and the exhibition shared the same title, Eat Pray Thug.

Drop Electric

Based in a city known for stagnation and business as usual, Washington DC's Drop Electric exists to tell a different story about the nation's capital. Drop Electric’s music is a manic barrage of soaring vocals, heavy guitars, atmospheric textures, and tribal percussion, controlled by structured, dynamic songwriting. Their live show has been described as "epic" by NPR's Bob Boilen and most aptly "...as if the listener has started to sleepwalk through a dark art house film" by the DCist's Valerie Paschall.

The band released its label debut on Lefse Records in October 2013 to critical praise. Gaining acclaim from NPR, MTVU, and The Washington Post, the band has had its music placed in the trailer for "300: Rise of an Empire" and has had its song "Empire Trashed" played as part of a movie premiere on the International Space Station.

Over the last 6 months, Drop Electric has headlined the Fillmore and sold out their first headlining show at 930 Club and Artisphere.

“Beautiful video, very beautiful timelapse stuff and so I stayed… and they knocked me out. I’d seen Sigur Ros earlier in the week, we’d webcast that show, Sigur Ros is on my mind. Epic sounding instrumental band, with beautiful, beautiful vocals and here was Drop Electric, doing something sorta similar.“
- Bob Boilen, All Songs Considered (NPR)

"It’s no surprise that the young group has been aptly compared to Sigur Rós by NPR as their second LP Waking Up To The Fire is chock full magical synth hooks and exquisite misty vocals all underpinned by a punkier flavored post-rock sound than the elven band from Iceland."
- Mark Tichy, MTVU

"Post-post rock with a dash of electronica and a dollop of ambient noise. Makes you wanna dance in zero gravity in a spaceship on its way to another planet."
-Marissa Payne, Washington Post

"Drop Electric exploits the tension between traditionally pretty indie pop tropes—glockenspiel and keyboards that “sparkle”—and uncomfortable finds from the uncanny valley."
-Sasha Geffen, Consequence of Sound

"Yet, there's a subtlety to the emotional response their music evokes. Patrick Ryan Morris toys with the film clips projected behind the band and Reznikov sings with more of a deadpan than a shout. This makes for an unsettling but rewarding experience, as if the listener has started to sleepwalk through a dark art house film."
-Valerie Paschall, DCist

"They have an undeniable flair for evocative mixes that range from dark and powerful to ethereal and upbeat."
-Julyssa Lopez, The Washingtonian

Small Leaks Sink Ships

Small Leaks Sink Ships is currently a four-peice that lives in Portland, OR which consists of Jim Mandel Jr., Judd Hancock, London Van Rooy, and Ryan Garner.

$15.00 - $17.00

Tickets Available at the Door

Benefit show - Proceeds will be going to UPF.



Minors under 17 must be accompanied by a guardian over 21

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