Bryan Potvin of the Northern Pikes & Kevin Kane of the Grapes of Wrath

From the mid-80s to the early-90s, The Grapes Of Wrath and The Northern Pikes produced some of the catchiest and most heart-felt singles and videos to come out of Canada at that time. Although the bands shared similar values musically, they only performed on the same bill once during their heydays. Fast forward some 20 years later and the guitarists from each of these bands find themselves living just blocks away from one another in Toronto. This realization led to the two of them getting together to hang out with a couple of guitars for some casual jams, and the conclusion: “this sounds good! Let’s do some shows!”
This pairing presents a special treat for fans of Canadian rock, as Bryan Potvin of The Northern Pikes and Kevin Kane of The Grapes Of Wrath team up to perform their solo material and favorites from both bands, both individually and as a duo (“The Northern Grapes”? “The Pikes Of Wrath”?).
As well as old favourites from their respective back catalogs, Bryan will also be drawing heavily from his just-released debut solo album, Heartbledwhite, while Kevin will be performing several of the songs from last year’s Grapes comeback, High Road, and may slip in a song or two from his next solo project.
Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear the voices behind so many CanCon classics team up and perform together!

The Royal North

With a unique blend of guitar driven 80's rock, modern pop and a healthy dose of Canadiana, the Royal North are poised to bring their brand of sound to venues across the country. The Royal North are heavy on melody, guitar solos, and big drums. Armed with their debut releases recorded at Soundmill Studios by Jon Matthews, a MusicPEI award for Rock/Urban recording of the year and a handful of songs ready to demo, the Royal North are preparing for the next video, the next tour and the next adventure.



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