Museum Pieces

Singer-Songwriter Tyler Messick. His friends call him a time-traveler. His passion for uncovering archaic ballades of the British Isles and rural America have informed his unique style of orchestrated psych-rock. He grew up in the bowels of archives and museums in America, Canada and the Middle East - while his academic parents curated galleries and resurrected ancient texts for academia.

He was displaced to rural Nova Scotia at 14, and there became the obsessive kid in the front row at Plasket, Sloan and Al Tuck shows. He has since formed his own unique sound branch - taking his lessons from these local legends. He reacted with a period of Post-Rock with Andy March now of Crosss - touring Canada as a drum and guitar duo. Now he lives in Montreal - and travels the globe with his new friend Win Butler of Arcade Fire. He is back to his roots making pop rock opus' with a full band. His new album to be released soon has many working titles, but today we shall call it "HEAR THE ANCIENT ONES SPEAK" 

Golden Cinema

Formerly one of the songwriters in the Polaris Prize nominated group Two Hours Traffic, Andy MacDonald began working on songs for the Golden Cinema EP after THT disbanded at the end of 2013. Often writing at late hours under the glow of old movies, Andy opted for the name Golden Cinema and recruited fellow THT alum Derek Ellis as well as local guitar wizards Bruce Rooney and Chris Robison.

Recorded over the summer of 2016 in Halifax, Nova Scotia with Charles Austin (Superfriendz, Aqua Alta) and mixed by Dan Griffin (Arkells), Golden Cinema's self-titled EP was released in September 2016.



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