Enuff Z'nuff

Formed in 1984 in Blue Island, Illinois, Enuff Z'Nuff soon grew a live following and recorded their first demo songs, some of which would be officially released only much later in their career. The band's first single, "Fingers On It," received some recognition when it was featured in the 1986 cult movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

By 1989, Enuff Z'Nuff had released their first major label offering, a self-titled debut album on Atco Records, with founding members Donnie Vie and Chip Z'Nuff being joined by guitarist Derek Frigo and drummer Vik "Vikki" Foxx.

For their follow-up album, 1991's Strength, the band tried to tone-down their glam image. It was released in 1991 to strong reviews, however, this follow-up album did not sell nearly as well as their first.

The band filed bankruptcy and left Atco Records, but soon after the band was picked up by Arista Records, releasing their 1993 album Animals With Human Intelligence.

This release, much like Strength, received some critical acclaim, but ultimately failed commercially. Before the album's release, drummer Vikki Foxx quit the band to join Vince Neil's solo band. He was replaced by former "War & Peace" member Ricky Parent.

After Enuff Z'Nuff was dropped from Arista, guitarist Derek Frigo parted ways with the band.

Lead singer and songwriter Donnie Vie stopped touring with the group in 2002 to embark upon a solo career.
Enuff Z'Nuff continued to tour in his absence as a 3-Piece with their lead guitarist Johnny Monaco also serving as the band's singer.

In 2004, former lead guitarist Derek Frigo died from an apparent drug overdose at the age of 37.

Another tragedy struck when the band's drummer Ricky Parent lost his long time battle with cancer in October 2007. Parent had been with the band for approximately 13 years.

The newly reformed Enuff Z'Nuff has performed at the Rocklahoma Music Festival in Pryor, Oklahoma in July 2008, on the same bill as Poison's Bret Michaels and Skid Row's Sebastian Bach. Since then, other tour dates have been announced.

Donnie Vie, Chip Z'Nuff, Randi Scott, Tory Stoffregan


CUTTLASS is a five piece blues oriented hard rock band from Chicago. One strong asset is that the band is very versatile. Guitarist Victor Vasquez also provides lead vocals on some of thier songs, which adds to their unique style. They have released two EP's entitled "HARD TYMZ", released in 1989 and thier follow up entitled "KISS YOUR SASS GOODBYE", released in 1991. Both have received considerable air play on local hard rock stations as well as numerous college radio stations.

In late summer of 1991, CUTTLASS was announced the winner is Circus Magazine's 1st Annual National Talent Hunt. They were featured in the November, 1991 issue of Circus as well as receiving equipment from Zildjian Cymbals, Pearl Drums, Ibanez Guitars, and GHS Strings, and a demo deal from Caroline Records. CUTTLASS was named one of the nations top unsigned bands in Screamer Magazine and were also featured in the November, 1992 issue of that magazine. In July 1992, CUTTLASS was invited, and taped several songs for a cable TV station viewed as Club51. The show was aired to 2.8 million homes in September 1992. Due to the overwhelming response from that show, their taped segment is still in rotation today. The band also signed to WASHBURN GUITARS REGIONAL ARTIST PROGRAM (R.A.P.) Later that same year, to finish the year, CUTTLASS was honored as new members os ASACP.

1993 & 1994 was a great time of change, growth, and accomplishments for the band. To begin with, CUTTLASS was asked to audition in New York for STAR SEARCH. During the late summer of '93 CUTTLASS was busy working on their much anticipated follow up to their highly successful EP entitled "KISS YOUR SASS GOODBYE". While working on the ne CD, the band decided to enhance their sound and writing abilities by adding guitarist/vocalist Nick Cox in November '93. Nick's unique and bluesy guitar riff's, along with accomplished vocals has allowed the band to develop a "cutting edge" that is synonymous with their name. To complete 1993, CUTTLASS was featured as one of rock's best in February '94 (released 12/21/93) issue of Metal Edge Magazine and was featured was featured again in the July '94 issue.

Then in '94 CUTTLASS went back to the studio and produced "NO EXPLANATION NECESSARY" which is the very best of CUTTLASS. With the newly added sounds of Nick on guitar as well as Vic they have achieved the sound they were looking for by far selling the most copies of all their albums. After touring for the "NO EXPLANATION NECCESSARY" album CUTTLASS decided it was time to take a little break. They worked hard on their sound and their playing. Then in year 2000, Madison Rhoades asked them if they would be part of a project she was working on for a new movie that was coming out called Carnivore. CUTTLASS did a couple of songs for the movie including a duet with Jeff and Madison called "Always The Same". The movie was released to video in December of 2001.

CUTTLASS also does a benefit every year with ALL proceeds going to Rainbow Hospice. This is the Annual Patrick "POPS" Hundrieser golf outing and benefit. Pat was a very dear friend of all of ours as well as Jeff's father. Rainbow Hospice is an excellent organization that help Jeff and his family and us get through a very tough time in our lives. The benefit is just a small way for us to say Thank You Rainbow Hospice.

Now, CUTTLASS is back! All original line up as when they started. Something no other Chicago local band has been able to accomplish. Over the years they have played with such big names as Dokken, Sebastian Bach, Dizzy Reed, Billy Sheehan, The Lynch Mob, & Tora, Tora to name a few.

In this world of uncertainties, we know this for certain: CUTTLASS has the desire, strength and talent that surpasses that of the average band. Their passion towards music and their fans is the force that will continued to drive them straight to the top!

Electrifying and unstoppable, TEEZE is a hard rocking staple in the Chicagoland music scene. Encompassing a huge range of music from eighties rock to modern and heavy, their high energy show never disappoints. TEEZE possesses an onstage chemistry that engages the entire audience. Influenced by KISS, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Shinedown and many others.

TEEZE creates a fresh brand of hard rock with a contagious vibe that keeps fans coming back for more. Supporting accomplished musicians such as Ace Frehley, Ted Nugent, Bret Michaels, Lita Ford, and Jackyl,i TEEZE has earned the reputation of being a professional, entertaining and a sought after act.

Alex Tyler (lead vocals and bass)
PJ Alvarez (drums and vocals)
Martin Contreras (guitar and vocals)
Bill Bhullar (guitar and vocals)



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