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Cutting a path of his own through the landscape of contemporary culture, Jidenna’s rise to acclaim is a story familiar to some—
Belonging and not belonging, navigating the world by reading between the lines, and learning to harness the power of being
comfortable with crossroads. To any child of the African diaspora, Jidenna’s story feels like an echo of their journey, but it
is a tale that anyone can identify with: making meaning out of the uniqueness of your experiences.
With an origin story that spans continents and coasts, Jidenna’s man about town swagger and global appeal balance the
debonair edge of James Bond with the consciousness of Muhammad Ali. Jidenna moves with poise and purpose onstage and
off, delivering personal narratives and commentary on the world’s state of affairs. A natural born leader, he embodies the role
of a chief— the African version of a don.
Jidenna spent his formative years in Nigeria and emigrated to the UnitedStates with his mother to be greeted only by culture
shock at every turn. Humble beginningsStatesidegave way to personal triumphs Jidenna earned his way intoStanford
University, where he connected with like-minded, free-spirited souls and created Fear & Fancy, a social club comprising of
entrepreneurs, activists, educators, and artists.
Crafting a sound all his own, Jidenna’s music effortlessly collides genres and eras,unitingbrightEDM and high life on one song
and bouncing trap beats under smooth Nat KingCole vocals on another. His versatility as an artist is grounded in the diversity
of his background, the breadth of his influences, and the exacting approach that he’s honed over time; connecting the dots
between the sounds of Black culture past and present.
On his debut record, The Chief, released inFebruary of 2017, Jidenna exhibits a relentless sense of exploration of the arbitrary
boundaries of rap and R&B, a creating an expressive document that is as honest about urgent socio-political issues as it is about
turning up. Receiving critical acclaim from sources likeSpin, the NY Times, and NY Magazine and garnering respect from
outlets likeXXL, The Chief is a definitive statement that rewards repeated listening.
Fatefully connecting withJanelle Monáe during his time intheSanFrancisco Bay Area at a legendary Fear & Fancy
Masquerade, Jidenna signed to Wonderland Records/Epic in 2014. From his Grammy-nominated, double-platinum smash hit
“Classic Man” hard-hitting tracks like “LongLive the Chief” and the lost love balladry of “Bambi," Jidenna has cultivated a
diverse fanbase of 'Jenerals’ across the country.
From pickingupSoul Train Awards' Best New Artist award to working withFirst Lady Michelle Obama on higher education
initiatives, one thing is clear: Jidenna is deliberately enacting his 100-yearplanand this is just the beginning.

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