Fayleen Morrow, Lawrence and Clare, Becca Roth, Victor Hugo, Anya May

Fayleen Morrow

Though born in Azusa Ca, Fayleen could easily consider herself to be a native to Lancaster Ca, as this is the place where her musicianship truly began to blossom.

Fayleen's interest in music first began as a child, and only developed from there. Unfortunately, she was born with heart problems, which limited her ability to perform many of the activities that other kids her age were involved with. Ultimately, playing the acoustic guitar not only became Fayleen's passion, but a way to keep herself busy, and remain sane.

From that point on, she not only began performing songs, but writing her own music. Inevitably Fayleen put down the acoustic and picked up the electric, and this is where her musical direction really took aim. Being a solo artist easily became a huge part of who she was at that point.

However, it was once again time to expand her horizons, and Fayleen had gotten the urge to share the stage with friends, whom later became band mates. Finally, in 2014, she put out her first EP and the response was much bigger then expected, which inspired her to release another one not too long after.

The growth process felt never ending for Fayleen, and for as much fun as she had playing with a band, it was time to minimize once more. She is now currently involved in a two piece band with long time supporter and talented drummer, Bianca Vanessa.

Lawrence and Clare

Lawrence & Clare are Transpacific Troubadours, travelling the world sharing the songs of their souls.They draw influence from jazz, bluegrass, ragtime and pay homage to traditional folk music.

Their performances feature timeless vocal harmonies performed alongside piano accordion, acoustic guitar, soulful keys, ukulele, harmonicas and percussion.

The two vagabonds were summoned together on the streets of Scotland in 2012, where an inseparable musical union formed. With Lawrence’s Cajun beginnings and Californian upbringing melding with Clare’s grounding in Australian folk music, their inspiration is eclectic and ever growing.

They play not only all sorts of folk music,
but music for all sorts of folk.

Becca Roth is an LA based singer/songwriter originally from Philly. Her songwriting is a sonic blend of memorable pop melodies and folk-style fingerpicking, with storytelling lyrics. Roth most recently released a 5 song EP titled “Unstable”, which premiered a year ago. She is currently in pre-production for her next project, writing songs and collaborating in LA.

My name is Victor Hugo. I'm your cult leader. My goal is to implode your mind with my astounding art form of entertainment. I'm always on my toes and you'll always be on the edge of your seat. So strap on and live life dangerously.

Anya May

Anya May was born and raised in Russia,in a beautiful port-city Vladivostok. Anya has been singing since the early age of 5. She always wanted to be a singer. "I live through the music that speaks from my soul,my art is truly a reflection of my life and the experiences and relationships that I've lived"-says Anya. Music became her passion for life.
Later when Anya was 12 she moved to Moscow with her parents.There she graduated very prestigious music/theater academy.She performed leading roles in famous musicals on main stages and arenas in Russia.Along with acting and vocal training, Anya began writing songs whose styles reflect her admiration for artists like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Take 6 , singer/producer Brian McKnight and Mario Winans . Anya notes, “I love to write ballads so Brian McKnight is a big influence.”
Currently Anya is working on her solo album,which is going to be a mix of emotional ballads and hot dance mixes.Some of her songs are already available on Itunes! So stay tuned! Anya is a new,fresh music artist to watch in 2017


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