The Ontario Oyster Festival 2017. Oyster Airlines. "Take Your Effing Seat!"

The Ontario Oyster Festival 2017

The Ontario Oyster Festival has been raising funds for environmental charities for over 25 years. An Oyster needs clean water in which to grow - our fundraising efforts are directed at charities that work directly with the ocean and shorelines to help maintain and improve the ecosystems Oysters need to be delicious.

The Mercenaries

May your travels into Toronto bars never be interrupted by purity & may the guardians of rock & roll keep your ears in tune with The Mercenaries.

A full-on team of musical ninjas, soldiers & mind-blowing bangers from across this city; They are the band who will be with you throughout it all, seriously, all of it.

Formed at the Dakota Tavern in September 2012, The Mercenaries are a collective of Toronto’s best musicians that have fused together their amazing talent to play it old school - everything from ‘50s R&B to all that classic stuff.



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