The Undead

The Undead

The Undead is a punk band formed in 1980 in New Milford, NJ by Bobby Steele (vocals and guitar), Chris "Jack" Natz (bass), and Patrick Blanck (drums). Bobby had just been fired from his previous band, The Misfits, when forming The Undead.

The Artist Formally Known As Vince Band

Glitter, Rocking, Drinking. Eyeliner, Lipstick. Nail Polish, pretty things, late nights

Nonnie Parry

NONNIE PARRY is a trio once described by a major media outlet as "The laziest band in Chicago" and they hold it close to their heart. They make fuzzy, distorted lo-fi goth pop punk. Their latest single, "Karen Greenlee," is about the real life Karen Greenlee, who was known as an "unrepentant necrophile" and was arrested and convicted for robbing a hearse and having sexual contact with the dead body.

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