The Sh-Booms are a seven-piece garage soul band based in Orlando, Florida. Backing up The Supreme Queen Mizz Bren are Al "the Thump" Ruiz, Kevin "The Skin Blaster" Connolly, Davis "Twinkle Toes" Schleicher, Aaron "Wild Card" Borowicz, Mike "The Slush Pump" Ortiz, and Nick "The Licks" Walsh.

Nine young men and a girl—The Broomestix are an R&B/Soul/Funk/Pop group out of the Nashville area; an exceptional group of musicians with a stand-out vocalist, whose sound engages their audiences with irresistible rhythms and provides a unique introduction to emerging, right-now talent. Audiences all over the country rave about the explosive talent and creativity of their live shows. Broomestix members all live within the creative aura of Music City, but their music is their own, taking inspiration from funk, soul and jazz icons way before their time. None of the members are over 20, and many are childhood friends. Young, yes they are; but skillful, exuberant talent has no limits. Enjoy the Broomestix for an unforgettable musical experience.



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