Zoo Trippin'

Zoo Trippin'

Zoo Trippin' was founded in 2014 when Lynn Roose III and Tony Casa started a new project with Steve Hatmaker and Austin Smith. Shortly after the 4 piece picked up Drew Dimitrovski on rhythm guitar. After being a band for about a year, the group rounded out its cast by adding singer/engineer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Straw on keys.
Zoo Trippin' is the child of years of live performances, recordings, and previous projects. The group holds true to its Blues/Rock roots but is now off in a new direction. Adding a more funk/alternative element to the already genre blending style.

Go Go Buffalo

Falling deeper into the abyss that ensnares us all, Rock n Roll music, Cincinnati, donuts, all things that are real, all things that are krob, baseball, Windex, VHS, walking the vast and eternally dry beaches of Zandar

Courtney From Work

Too much to say but nothing on the line, oh well.

$5.00 - $7.00


Under 21 pays $3 cash surcharge at door

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