Saint Vitus, Weedeater, Sourvein

Saint Vitus

Weedeater is a sludge metal band that formed in Wilmington, North Carolina during the year 1997 with members from the recently defunct Buzzov•en. The band has released four full length albums. In April 2007, the band signed on to the Southern Lord record label.

In January 2010, vocalist "Dixie" Dave Collins lost his big toe in an accident involving his "favorite shotgun", causing the recording of their fourth album to stall.


BLEAAAARGH! DOOOOOOM!! Sourvein takes the crusty Eyehategod/Grief/Corrupted style of doomgrind to new highs (lows?). Well, maybe not new ones, but just as extreme. Darker and scarier than fellow heavies Bongzilla or High On Fire, Sourvein simultaneously give a nod to the Sabbathy '70s sounds of doom pioneers St. Vitus, while ratcheting up the brutality of their crashing, crushing riffs into modern extreme metal/punk territory and beyond. It's like someone got the Melvins really really angry, and they're trapped in cave, frothing at the mouth, ready to die and kill -- and for some reason, they're trying to play Sleep songs. What? Stay away from those drugs. You know what I'm talking about?



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