Baron Von Bomblast, Hell's Engine, Los De  Verdad, Feels Like Murder

Baron Von Bomblast

Members:Destroy the living,Bowel, Middlefinger, Slag, Deadhorse, Manhole, Dolly rockers, Brian's Johnson, 30 foot fall, Pasadena Napalm Division, nuff said

Hell's Engine

Under dogs of the scene with a very big, nasty bite.... These four Houston punk rock n' rollas originally formed in 2004, and after both a hiatus and some restructuring, reformed in 2015. With only a self-titled demo recording to claim, they’ve recently hit the studio and released a new EP. If that's not enough, their single “Chopper Slut” will be released on a 7-inch vinyl split with New Jersey's Electric Frankenstein on Self Destructo records this fall, 2016. With influences like Turbonegro, Motorhead and D.R.I...... Hell's Engine will surely not be running low on fuel anytime soon.

Los De Verdad

Skate punk band from Houston, TX influnenced by punk bands from the 80's and 90's

Feels Like Murder



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