Dark synth wiz from Paris James Kent.

Author & Punisher is a one-man industrial doom and drone metal band that primarily utilizes custom fabricated machines/controllers and speakers.

Minimal industrial/electro-punk duo formed in Vancouver BC in 2013. Founding members Robert Katerwol, and Caleb Blagdon compose on a variety of digital and Analog synthesizers and drum machines. Weird Candle creates heavy rhythms over dark melodies under a veil of lyrical themes and ideas such as bizarro parallel realities, dark subcultures, the occult, and a lust for late night adventure. As of mid 2016, Weird Candle added a 3rd member to the line up, Steve Ferrera (Time Cops, Manic Attracts) to take on live percussion. To date, Weird Candle has released three full length albums: Their self titled debut on compact disc, Regeneration on Vinyl, via Weyrd Son Records, and most recently Alter Ego, on a self released tape cassette. Weird Candle have shared stages with a variety of acts such as Front Line Assembly, Youth Code, HFF, All Your Sisters, and Pure Ground, and have toured across North America, and Europe.


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