Catherine Maloney

Catherine Maloney seems like a typical hard working mom -- except this mom sees teachable moments in the show Snapped, has won the "Biggest Jerk" Comedy Contest and entertains clubs and colleges around the country with her sharp stand-up comedy. A New York native, Maloney finds sarcastic humor in everyday topics like financial struggles, raising children, relationships -- both hers and yours. Anyone in the crowd is fair game, and she enjoys interacting with each audience to create hilarious, unscripted moments along the way.

Mike Lee

Mike has been a professional entertainer his entire adult career. From Salem, OR to Belmar, NJ, he has performed at countless venues in front of thousands of people bringing “behind closed doors” humor directly to the public. Mike gives you the world the way he sees it, through the eyes of an overgrown man-child. He is guaranteed to make you realize you aren’t alone when you make those not so PC jokes in your head.



Dinner menu & full liquor bar available.  There is a 2 item minimum purchase in the showroom.  Must arrive 45 minutes prior to showtime for seating. After 5pm the day of the show, tickets are only available at the door. Tickets are non-refundable.

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