Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is her best-known project, but it’s just part of Destiny Frasqueri’s story. She’s been rapping and releasing tracks on YouTube and SoundCloud since high school, originally under the name Wavy Spice, adopting the “Princess Nokia” moniker in 2013, and releasing albums Metallic Butterfly and Honeysuckle (for which she went by, simply, “Destiny”) in the following years.

But it was last May, when Princess Nokia started dropping songs from 1992 on YouTube, and then the full mixtape on SoundCloud, that she caused a massive sensation. The songs developed out of what Frasqueri describes as “a huge surge of creative energy. I fell in love with rapping and hip-hop all over again.” This thrilling confidence is evident in the tracks constituting the original ‘1992’ mixtape, recorded from January to July 2016, which have helped earn her fans the world over. “I wanted to make a record from the perspective of a very boyish silly girl – of someone who was very honest about their insecurities and secrets and flaws, ‘cos that’s who I am…I’m a goofball and a sweet kid. I got a squeaky voice. I mean, I play DDR.”

On the strength of 1992 and its millions of SoundCloud and YouTube listeners, Frasqueri started touring the US and the world, selling out shows from Atlanta to Romania to Guadelejara; she’s been on the road nonstop for the better part of the last year, only breaking to spend time in the studio. She recorded most of the new tracks constituting 1992 Deluxe from Dec 2016 through Feb 2017, with a few additions coming in May and June of this year.

Her global fanbase won’t surprise anyone who’s been to one of her live shows. From her beginning cries of “Girls to the front!” and her promising to make the venue a safe space during the gig, to her incredible magnetism as a performer, to the genuinely diverse and loving crowds - a Princess Nokia show is an unparalleled experience.

“My live show is a lotta fun. I mean it’s a real vibe – something out of this world… I been playing sold-out tours since I released the album on my website. I’ve gotta say, I’m blessed. Every city has…a crowd of young kids that love my music… I have girls that cry and throw roses in the front. Straight men who come with their friends and scream every lyric from every song… I show up for them and rip that mic so they leave feeling inspired and happy. It’s a great time.”

But she’s more than a musician and a performer: Frasqueri cofounded Smart Girl Club, an “urban feminist collective based in the arts and community outreach,” with Milah Libin. They host workshops and poetry events, release a regular podcast, lead panel discussions at colleges and universities nationwide, and other art and academic endeavors. As Frasqueri told I-D in a March 2017 interview, Smart Girl Club is rooted in “a tangible form of feminism that is accessible to inner city women who do not have access to the institutionalized forms of feminism” often found in institutions of higher learning.

“It's saying that whether you like it or not, we're gonna be represented, we're gonna demand respect, we're gonna counteract negligence with our presence, we're gonna create tools of awareness and protection for sisterhood, for education, and for better ways to navigate our lives. It's our goal.” Like her work with Smart Girl Club, Princess Nokia’s music offers a perspective for her fans that enable them to feel represented and empowered; her live shows are focused on creating a community based in self-love and mutual respect; and Destiny Frasqueri’s intellectual and activist pursuits are relentlessly aimed at lifting up those people who are often denied access to safety, to activism, to pursuing equality. Destiny Frasqueri is more than Princess Nokia, but Princess Nokia is all Destiny Frasqueri. And we couldn’t need her more than we do now.

Suzi Analogue is an American Soul / Electronic / Experimental artist best known for her ingenious vocal and production contributions to today's genre-bending urban music.

Analogue's aesthetic utilizes vocal notions of classic soul mashed against electronic charm, creating soundscapes that are conveyed through a global perspective. Born in Baltimore, MD and raised in central Virginia, Suzi’s geographical background kept her closely connected to the roots of soul, hip-hop, club music, and the emergence of southern hip-hop ; all of which serves as inspiration to her sound and style. Her fascination for self-recordings began at 10 when she began creating her own mixtapes on cassette with dubbed vocals. It was an obsession that seemed to stick. In 2010, Suzi released her breakout recordings NNXTAPE that became

To date Suzi has played live around the world, and created music with some of electronic hip-hop's most exciting names including TOKiMONSTA, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Blu, Stalley and more. TOKiMONSTA and Suzi teamed up to open for Bonobo's "Black Sands" North American fall tour and later dropped "BOOM" on Scion A/V.
Suzi's music can be found in both digital and analogue formats on cassette, vinyl, and online shops.

In 2013, Suzi founded NEVER NORMAL RECORDS, the imprint for her collection of music. Great things are next to come from Suzi.


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