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Dusty Smirl

Heart, Soul, Honesty, and Values are just a few of the things you will hear in each one of Dusty Smirl’s songs. A lyrically based singer/songwriter from Denton, Texas, Dusty pours every ounce of himself, his life, and the world around him into each and every word of his songs. He has a way of tying thoughts and feelings together in a melody that will reach inside of you, hold your heart, and shake your soul. Relating to Dusty’s music is never a problem for anyone. Using everyday life as his inspiration, he sings about things that will not only make you look inside yourself to find answers, but he will challenge your mind and soul to dive deeper into the world and find what is real and true and what isn’t.

Dusty has spent the last two years writing music and honing his skills while playing acoustic shows and opening for acts such as Bart Crow, Brandon Rhyder, Deryl Dodd, and many others. His passion for writing and conviction to the essence of Texas Red Dirt music has inspired him to move away from the acoustic acts and form his own band. His heartfelt lyrics and soulful voice combined with smooth melodies and heavy guitar riffs make this a combination you will not want to miss. The energy pours out of this band all throughout the show and you just can’t help but give them every ounce of your attention. With upbeat songs such as “Why Do You Lie” and ”Mine For the Mile” to insanely deep songs that grab your attention and tear at your heart like “Everything to Me” and “There’s Gotta Be More” , there is something for everyone to enjoy.

$10.00 - $12.00


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