The Devils Cut is an American Rock ‘N’ Roll band from Lansing, MI formed in 2010. While refining its sound over time and enduring member changes along the way, TDC hooked up with its current family East Grand Record Company in 2013. The current lineup includes Joe Fox (guitar/vox), Jay Goldsmith (bass), Corey Staley (guitar/vox), Derek Vaive (drums) and Matt Waterman (keys/vox). Throughout the years as road dogs, playing countless shows in dirty dives across the country, TDC has established themselves as a group that is not afraid to sacrifice for what they were born to do. With their third release on East Grand Record Co., “People Let You Down (March 2017),” The Devils Cut hopes to bring rock n’ roll back to the motherland. That place where being alive meant you were most in danger, expressed through pathos and rebellion. The sound of TDC is a testament to the daily struggles each of us face, with a sentiment that sticking together as a family is the only way out. Having nothing left to lose The Devils Cut is gearing up to hit the road harder than ever in 2017, with American and international dates ahead, hoping to revive an American past-time that was born from blood and beyond.

St. Christopher Webster

You can go to and read the back-story of where Ben and I come from. Just know this: I would rather have him drum for me than ANY ROCK’N’ROLL DRUMER on the face of the planet. One rea-son is because I truly believe, and this is considering the obvious biases, that he is THE BEST. The other reason is that if you play with someone as long as we have and have been through so much shit together, you know what the person is going to do before it happens. This album is probably more of a MOTHERFUCK’N SAINTS bastard child then a SAINT CHRISTOPHER album. I can’t thank my older brother enough for his dedication and talent.

The Subnormals

2012 was the year
The Subnormals were born!
Sean Jamie Samson Eds and Jake
these 5 gentlemen created a new sound, a sound that showcases a fine fusion of influences including punk,ska,folk,country,rockabilly,jazz and many more. They spent 4 years playing shows across Pennsylvania and Ohio. During this time the band would go in and out of recording sessions determined to release an EP, but never finished one. In June of 2015 the band coordinated with Punk recording artist Eric Johns of the Anti-Psychotics to record 11 songs. In January 2016 "Charlie Daniels Drives A Mean Tractor" was born! This 17 song beast brings us up to present time. This is now an odd time for the band, a time where Eds got sent to jail. Bass player-less we hide away in the basement...but we will return someday!!...SOMEDAY Until then you can find one of the other 4 members of the band and get yourself an album to keep your subnormal cravings at bay. They only cost $5 we also have t- shirts with the album cover right on the front!



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