Lance & Lea

Lance & Lea

Dream loud. That’s the way Texas native Lance Kotara and Colorado belle LeAnna Kaufman live their lives. It was no surprise the two songwriters would find each other in Nashville. Their undeniable creative chemistry exploded, forming the duo, Lance and Lea. Lance describes their first songwriting session together as nothing short of amazing.

“It was so magical how the songs just fell out of the air. Right away we knew we were onto something special.”

On a typical day, you can find the duo in their home studio, writing and laying down a new track. Lea says their determination and commitment to the music is indestructible. “To get our music out there, we had to learn how to record ourselves.”

It’s been tough at times, but they both know it’s beneficial. “The hard work, the time, it’s all worth it. We’ve honed our craft, and every day we learn something new.”

Marked by heart pounding harmonies, prominent guitars, and emotional lyrics and melodies, their collaborative genius is on fire, with over 200 songs already penned.

And they were right. It was worth it. In 2016 the duo signed with Nashville’s Number One Group, and their first album with producer Paul Worley (Lady Antebellum, Dixie Chicks) is scheduled for release in mid-2017. Their music is making the rounds internationally, garnering airplay in the UK, and Ireland.

Lance knew he wanted to be a musician at a young age. “Music has been my passion since I started playing the guitar at thirteen,” he said. Growing up in the small town of Beeville, Texas, he saw music as self-expression, and once he started, he couldn’t stop.

The desire to play brought Lance to Austin, where he formed a band and played the live scene, sharing the stage with influencers like Snow Patrol, Jars of Clay, and even Vince Neil of Motley Crue. Lance found a love for songwriting and relocated to Nashville to hone those skills and make a name for himself. He was lucky enough to land a major label single with country artist Laura Bell Bundy, and have a song in the 2016 Share a Song/Share a Coke campaign.

Lea says her love for music grew from her days singing alongside her sisters in church. “I was born into an Amish family, and though music wasn’t encouraged, I always dreamed of having my own guitar and singing on stage.” The loss of her father pushed that desire. “Death has a way of changing your reality and altering your perception on life. It wasn’t until my Dad passed away that I picked up the guitar and started writing my own songs. The first song I ever wrote was about him.”

Songwriting opened up a new outlet for creative expression for Lea. “It wasn’t long before I found myself in Nashville working alongside producer/songwriter Wayne Wilkins, who’s worked with Natasha Bedingfield and Beyoncé, and since then, I’ve had the opportunity to record with some of Nashville’s finest musicians.”

The duo hasn’t forgotten their past but uses the present for inspiration. They agree that something special happens when they both pick up a guitar, something that puts them in the moment where songs come to life.

Clay Evans

What happens when an original artist emerges through the college circuit in the music mecca of Athens, GA, cuts his teeth touring and recording in the avant-garde jam scene, survives the loss of a band and record deal while road-bound, and then moves to Nashville, TN to get back to the basics of his craft? You get the unique musical perspective of Clay Evans! This hustling singer/songwriter has accomplished a lot in the last 10 years: from playing 200+ shows a year with his former band Bluestring and receiving a Jammy Award nomination to collaborating with Grammy Award-winners and hit songwriters. Clay has been adopted by and currently thrives in the renowned creative community that is Music City, USA.

Clay's raw melodic soul and quirky lyrical taste meld into truly authentic song craftsmanship. This autobiographical wordsmith embraces his angst in a humorously cynical style while managing to keep his romantic side intact. Just as Clay has you in stitches over his ex-hating rant “Dead Man,” he may just jerk a tear with his passionate, poetic delivery of “Words.” Seasoned and charismatic yet self-deprecating and approachable, Clay Evans is the real deal and this born entertainer’s ever-evolving live show is not to be missed. Though likened to modern soulsters DeGraw, Mraz, and Broussard, Evans draws most of his inspiration from generations before him including greats such as Bill Withers, Paul Simon, Bruce Hornsby, Al Green, Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt.

Clay has most recently gained the attention and respect of producer and bass player-extraordinaire Viktor Krauss. With the help of tracking engineer and former band-mate Ted Pennington, the two embarked on Clay’s first solo studio journey in September of ’09. “Words, Sentences, and Conversations” is a 12-song project comprised of three separate EP’s, the first of which is set for release in February ’10. With Krauss at the helm, W,S,&C is as innovative as it is unpredictable: a realm where organic and electronic instruments coexist and unconventional lyrics swim in danceable grooves. With the release of his first solo EP, a star is rising from Nashville’s new generation of songwriters and his name is Clay Evans!

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