Ripe is a Funk/Pop band out of Boston, MA that was born as a result of its seven members' uniting over one belief: with enough passion and honesty, music can still make the earth shake. With one eye looking back to the inception of both funk and psychedelic music, and the other looking forward with a modern concept of what makes people move, Ripe seeks both to honor musical history as well as to make it. The perfect fruit is equal parts past and present, and this is the approach of the Ripe sound.

With a strong devotion to consistently creating an unforgettable live experience, Ripe has kept the groove going touring nationally from coast to coast. With a recently released sophomore EP, Hey Hello, and plans to start recording a full-length album in the coming year, Ripe is shifting into overdrive with every intention of taking this to the stratosphere. The Ripe family asks you to get loose, get down, and get ready. The party is just getting started.

Arise, Courtship. (the full stop is intentional), whose debut single ‘Stop For Nothing’ might just be the sunshine-tinged track that your life is crying out for right now. Comprised of duo Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon the pair met while performing in another group, Bloodboy, but have decided to go it alone with a slate of new material. Gordon had previously had worked with acclaimed songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr. and Misch with West Coast rock group DREAMERS, but Courtship. is an effort that’s purely between the two of them and ‘Stop For Nothing’ is a brilliant launching-off point. It falls somewhere between the joyous and shameless pop of Foster The People and the weirdness of electro-pop princes MGMT, but with a stamp of individuality that marks their intentions to become indie-pop’s next big thing.

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