Psychic TV

Born in 1981 from industrial music behemoth Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV is fronted by Throbbing Gristle’s founder: anti-hero, artist, and Pandrogenist, Genesis P-Orridge. — Psychic TV is particularly known for its intense and visceral live performances and for a creative lineage that includes cultural luminaries such as William S. Burroughs, Derek Jarman, and Timothy Leary, among others.

In 2003, New York artist and musician Edley ODowd gently persuaded Genesis to rekindle her desire to perform and create music as Psychic TV. The result has been a 13 year run of concerts and releases as Psychic TV / PTV3.

This performance is one of two special West Coast concerts booked in order to help celebrate and bring awareness to the opening of Edley ODowd’s first-ever art exhibition entitled “Discipline: The Art Of Psychic TV - 2003-2016”. The exhibition will be on view from September 8 through 29, 2017 at Lethal Amounts Gallery: 1226 West 7th Street in Downtown LA.

The band will perform both current and older favorites with new projected visuals by Sam Zimmerman and Jeanne Angel.

founded by Roxy Monoxide and LuLu Gamma Ray in 2009, Moira Scar started as a duo, releasing two albums (Excerpts from the Holy Scumbrella (2009, self released) Slink To Intensity (2010, self released) and touring the states multiple times. In 2013 Moira Scar became a trio, releasing Scarred For Life (Resipiscent Records), and touring the states. 2014 brought a different third member into the Scar-ship, producing the album Psychoid (Cochan Records) and another national tour. Roxy and LuLu then went into V.E.X. mode, recording three albums as V.E.X. (Voltage Empath Xanaxax, also known as Ventriloquest Ectoplasmold Xanaxax) and touring Europe, Mexico City and parts of the U.S. Now back as Moira Scar with a new set of songs and new members, Roxy and LuLu are stirring up their most potent witches cauldron of muse magicks yet.

Moira Scar is the transmogrifying cosmic muse entity that they channel, exploding from the core, Moira Scar is a carnival for lost souls and a caravan for freaks. We are antiracist antihomophobic antitransphobic antimisogynist anticolonial proecological proqueer prodiversity profeminism profreak!!!!

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