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Tickle Torture

Connecting threads from the synth-heavy "Minneapolis Sound" to the future of sleazy electro-funk, Tickle Torture has been making waves in the local underground, as well as the national blogosphere. His chaotic live shows are half-party, half-performance art, and can often include up to 4 pounds of confetti. Armed with an all new live-band, Tickle Torture is the sex-pop soundtrack for a new generation of freaks.


spreading happiness through music in LA and all over the world

The Put Off

the put off is a rave "band" [sic] from VAN NUYS CA. In raves, they dance for you or they want you to take dr*g$ when lights change colours and you feel “good” all the time. This does not really feel good but you can do that there with lasers for fun. There should be a warning poster for people with sensitivity to changes if noise/ messy habits will make you angry so they need to live underground next to neat quiet things. Is it better if you enjoy SHAM on your own time? Please be careful when attending events titled “teh put off” because if you like to make any art you can put it there.

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