Sea Wolf

Taking its name from novelist Jack London's 1904 seafaring adventure, Sea Wolf has evolved
organically from its hermetic origins in Alex Brown Church's living room into a muscular, fullbodied
musical entity with passion to burn. After adopting the sobriquet, Church burst onto the
music scene in two-fisted fashion with the EP, Get to the River Before It Runs Too Low, and the
subsequent full-length debut album, Leaves in the River, about which Interview magazine
observed, "His music is both erudite and unvarnished, a blend of swirling melodies, literary
balladry and damaged art-rock composition."

Oren Lyons

Oren Lyons is an emerging Silverlake-based group formed in January of 2012 by composer and multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui Linev. Linev teamed up with guitarist/producer Peter Potyondy and singer Kristianne Bautista to establish the bands early line up.

The project began as an effort to fuse classical minimalism and experimental soul within a more accessible sonic environment. The subsequent addition of three new members not only facilitated this experiment, but also injected a whole new palette of colors and textures to draw upon.

Vocalist Kristianne Bautista weaves bittersweet melodies through an intricate forest of instrumental orchestration, at times demanding the listeners rapt attention and at times subtly evading it, allowing the string arrangements of Gueorgui Linev and violinist Dannon Rampton to take center stage, while drummer Randy Wagner and bassist Ian Anderson firmly navigate the fourth dimension. The result is a cinematic and oddly danceable bricolage of soul, americana, textural post-rock, ambient psychedelia, and western romanticism.

** The band's name was chosen by piecing together various combinations of words at random. There is no intentional connection between the band Oren Lyons and the "faithkeeper of the turtle clan" also known as Oren R Lyons, other than a shared perspective on global warming and the environment.


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