Kardemimmit are four young women playing the ancient Finnish national instrument, kantele. The band members are Maija Pokela, Jutta Rahmel, Anna Wegelius and Leeni Wegelius. Alongside 15 and 38 stringed kanteles, singing has a big part in Kardemimmit’s musical universe where original pieces with a modern aproach still have a strong foundation in Finnish, Eastern European and Scandinavian traditions. The Finnish reki-singing style, 19th century dancing music and Perhonjokilaakso kantele playing style, Eastern Finnish archaic improvisation and ancient runo singing are all present in Kardemimmit’s music.
The band was founded already in 1999 in the musical institute Juvenalia in the band members’ home town Espoo. The long mutual history can be heard in their unique sound. The silvery tones of kantele flow together with the mesmerising singing harmonies. As a kantele band Kardemimmit are pioneers: in the year 2004 Kardemimmit were nominated the Band of the Year by Kantele Association in 2004 and the next year they won the International kantele competition. The following years Kardemimmit have been touring extensively in Europe, North America and Japan.

The Lacewings

The Lacewings are an acoustic duo in Minneapolis, MN. The Lacewings draw from deep roots of women’s folk music from Europe and European immigrants to North America. Katherine speaks Norwegian and Sarah speaks Serbo-Croatian, but neither are from those countries. Instead, the pair have engaged in years of deep study of folk music, learning from master-singers from Europe and the U.S. The Lacewings present folk music interwoven with stories of women working, learning together, and making a life through art.

$15 Advance / $18 Day of show


This is a seated show.

Tickets are available online, by phone, ​and at Depth of Field, Electric Fetus, and The Cedar during shows.

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