Sheavy formed in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada in 1993, and originally performed under the name Green Machine. In 1994, the band discovered there was another band in the United States with the same name, so a decision was made to rename the band Sheavy. The band’s repertoire originally consisted of a sampling of Kyuss covers and an assortment of originals that would eventually make their way onto the Reproduction E.P., Slaves To Fashion, and ultimately Blue Sky Mind. A three-song 7″ vinyl record was recorded in early 1995 at Jolly Roger Studios in St. John’s. The band regularly performed in and around St. John’s for the first few years at small clubs and venues such as The Loft, Sam Shades; Junctions and the LSPU Hall.

The band recorded and mixed their debut album Blue Sky Mind over a single weekend during the summer of 1995. Later that summer, the band’s bass player Paul Gruchy amicably left the band to focus on completing his university studies. There were about 1000 copies of the album released early in 1996, at which time Keith Foley also stepped in to complete the Sheavy line-up as the band’s bassist. Although the audio quality of Blue Sky Mind was low, the original master tapes later revealed a much-higher audio quality existed. On the strength and popularity of the recording, however, Rise Above Records in the U.K. signed the band to a three-album deal. The band now had more resources available and were better prepared for work on the second studio album.

The Electric Sleep was recorded in St. John’s in the summer of 1997. Recording Engineer Don Ellis helped the band capture the simple, powerful sound they’d been searching for. The result was an album one British reviewer deemed “the best Black Sabbath album in 25 years.” Black Sabbath comparisons were nothing new for the band, but for every review filled with praise another came along that maintained they were little more than clones. The album’s doomy title track could even be found on the web described as a lost Sabbath track. After a short tour of the U.K. and an invitation to play the Dynamo Open Air Festival in The Netherlands, the band headed back to the studio.

Recorded in the summer of 1999, in the workshop of Ren Squires’ parents home, Celestial Hi-Fi, showcased the diversity of the Sheavy sound. The delicate nuances of “Persona” gave way to the doom of “Tales From The Afterburner,” while tracks like “What’s Up Mr. Zero” and “Strange Gods Strange Altars” illustrated the bands ability to throw hooks into the mix. Reviews of the album were generally positive.

In October 2001, the band converged on Keith’s new home in Edmonton, Alberta to write and rehearse for what would become the Synchronized sessions. Recorded in November 2001, with former Black Sabbath Producer/Engineer Mike Butcher at the helm, Synchronized once again saw the band diversify its sound with the addition of synthesizer, piano and drum loops. Despite, and perhaps because of the addition of Butcher, the album has been described as the bands least Sabbath-like release and nothing less than a sincere tribute to ’70s rock. Written largely in the studio due to time constraints, the albums rock-solid production showcased a raw power unseen on the Sheavy’s previous releases.

In September 2004, the band reunited in St. John’s to begin writing songs for a new album. Due to a number of outside obligations, consummate band leader and drummer Ren Squires stepped quietly out of the spotlight. Kevin Dominic, a long-time friend of the band, was brought in to keep the rock n’ roll machine running. By November the band emerged with 11 new tracks. Over the next month, with the help of friend and Producer Rick Hollett, the band tracked Republic? above a Duckworth Street club called The Republic. Billy Anderson mixed Republic? in San Francisco, California, and the album was released on Rise Above Records in 2005.

In 2006, the band travelled to Europe for a two-week tour, which included a number of countries and festivals.

On March 3, 2007, Sheavy filmed a special live performance at the Holy Heart of Mary High School auditorium in their hometown of St. John’s. This performance was released on DVD with the band’s album “The Machine That Won the War” in 2007. This album saw Sheavy take a much simpler approach than with the few previous albums. They made the choice not to record digitally, and also to maintain their own creative control, with singer Steve Hennessey acting as producer. As well, the booklet with the CD notably features panels of artwork by numerous Newfoundland artists connected to the band, including two panels by Sheavy’s original bassist. Each panel is directly inspired by, and corresponding to, each of the tracks on the album.

Following that release, both Tommy Boland and Kevin Dominic amicably parted ways with the band. Evan Chaulker, who had previously toured with Sheavy, was brought in on guitar, and Jason Williams joined the band on drums.

In April 2009, original guitarist Dan Moore resigned from the band and announced his decision to the band’s Facebook fan group – both via email. The band enlisted guitarist Chris White on guitar and premiered the new guitarist and new material at local St. John’s venue distortion in October 2009. Recording began on a forthcoming album, Disfigurine, roughly around the same period. Prior to its completion, though, the band took up the RPM challenge, which invites musicians to record a whole album of music, 10 songs or 35 minutes. The end result was released late May 2010, entitled ‘The Golden Age of Daredevils.’ ‘Disfigurine’ was released in late August 2010.

Though they continue to write, Sheavy have been otherwise inactive throughout 2011 and 2012, as Steve struggles with vocal problems and members depart. Both bassist Keith Foley and guitarist Chris White parted ways with the band in the spring of 2012.


Classic, Hard Driving Rock/Metal from Chicago!
Tony Spillman (Earthen Grave), guitars – Bruce Franklin (Trouble), guitars – Lothar Keller (Sacred Dawn, Divinity Compromised, The Skull), vocals –
Willie Max (Shadoz Edge), bass – Nick Bozidarevic Guitars and Chris Martins (Band Of Brothers), drums.

Take The Beatles, Three Dog Night, Judas Priest, early Aerosmith, early Scorpions, and Black Sabbath, toss them in a blender with a healthy dose of originality, and you get Spillage!

Beelzefuzz is a heavy rock band from North East MD formed in 2009. Releasing a 4 song demo in 2010 they established a loyal fan base in the DE, MD, PA area that eventually led to signing with Germany’s very prestigious Church Within records in 2012. Beelzefuzz incorporates a very unique style of heavy music similar to the classic sounds of early 70’s bands such as Uriah Heep, Deep Purple and Black sabbath as well as contemporary acts Pentagram, Graveyard and Earthride. Still Beelzefuzz remain decidely independent with their own personal brand of melodic heavy rock and the David Byron, John Lawton crossed with Mark Farner vocal stylings of singer and guitarist Dana Ortt shine through beautifully in songs such as “Lotus Jam”, “All the Feeling Returns”, “Reborn” and the haunting “Hypnotize”. Joined by drummer Darin McCloskey (Pale Divine) in 2011, Beelzefuzz entered the studio again to record a new four song demo. Sparking quite a bit of label interest they secured the deal with The Church Within records and released their first self titled album via the label in 2013. The current and active lineup of Beelzefuzz is Dana Ortt (vocals/guitar), Darin McCloskey (drums), Greg Diener (lead guitar/vocals), Bert Hall (bass). A new album entitled “II The Righteous Bloom” is set to be released from The Church Within records for spring of 2016.

Apostle of Solitude

True American Doom Metal, the APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE story begins in Indianapolis, in 2004, when guitarist-vocalist Chuck Brown (ex-The Gates of Slumber) paired up with drummer Corey Webb to explore the beautiful cold depths of sorrow and ruin. After numerous demos, split releases, two full length LPs: 2008’s ‘Sincerest Misery’ (via Eyes Like Snow) and 2010’s ‘Last Sunrise’ (via Profound Lore), lineup changes, several extended US tours, as well as numerous US Doom Festivals, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE recorded their epic third album ‘Of Woe and Wounds’ for Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music in 2014.

Following the release of “Of Woe and Wounds”, a string of official videos, including videos for “This Mania”, “Lamentations of a Broken Man”, “Push Mortal Coil”, and “Luna” were released in support of the album. The band embarked on a 10 date Northeast US Tour in May 2015, followed by a jaw dropping performance at the inaugural Maryland Doom Fest that June, followed by an additional 10 date Southwest US Tour in September.

Currently APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE are working on material for their fourth full length and are confirmed for the Hammer of Doom festival (Germany) and Doom Over Vienna (Austria) in November 2016, with further European dates to be announced.

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