Strawberry Girls

Strawberry Girls

Zachary Garren parted ways with his previous band, Dance Gavin Dance, in early 2010. While pursuing his solo project, Good Health, he crossed paths with local drummer, Ben Rosett, who was playing with a local band called The Trees. Ben, who was interested in starting a new project, asked Zac if he wanted to jam to see if anything cool would happen. Fortunately, everything clicked, and Strawberry Girls was formed in April, 2011.


Grind/Hardcore band from Rome, Italy.

Orko (Cristiano Fini) - guitar
Bolivar (Andrea Marra) - bass
Ursus (Giorgio Fois) - drums
Wiesenthal (Paolo Petralia) - vocals
Fuckin' Bastard a.k.a. Grimorio (Giorgio Gregorio Luciani) - vocals
Mustafá (Angelo) - drums
Nerone 666 (Cristiano D'Innocenti) - drums


inthebackground is an instrumental project with a focus on story telling through atmosphere. Founded on the belief that often what isn't said can be as important as what is, the music is mostly without lyrics, and written based upon experiences, emotions, and stories from our day to day lives.



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