Sepultura Endurance Screening (World Premiere!) and Q&A with SEPULTURA!


One of Brazil's most famous exports is Sepultura, who rose to become one of the most famous death/thrash metal bands in the world.

Founding members were Max Cavalera (vocals/guitar), Igor Cavalera (drums) and Jairo T. (lead guitar). Paulo Jr. was Sepultura's 2nd bass player.
Jairo T. left the band in 1986, he was replaced by Andreas Kisser.

Founding member and vocalist Max Cavalera left the band over a disagreement in 1996 and started the band Soulfly. Derrick Green took his place in 1997.

Founding member and drummer Igor Cavalera left the band in 2006 due to incompatibility of thoughts with the other members. Jean Dolabella replaced him shorty after but he's switched in late 2011 by Eloy Casagrande.

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WORLD PREMIERE! IN PERSON: PAULO, ANDREAS, DERRICK AND ELOY FROM SEPULTURA! DOORS 1:00pm, FILM 1:30pm. On their journey as the most successful and influential South American metal band in history, Sepultura’s killer blend of thrash, punk, hardcore and politically-charged rallying cries have kept fans enthralled and electrified for now over thirty years. This brand-new documentary tracks them from their humble rural beginnings to decades spent on the international stage, giving an in-depth look into how the band continues to thrive in a changing metal landscape. Crammed full of rare archival footage, and featuring interviews with legends like Lars Ulrich and Scott Ian, and younger artists influenced by Sepultura, like Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, “Sepultura Endurance” is the definitive document of the band’s myths, struggles and heart. This film is distributed by Brazilian Company O2 Play.

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