The Radiance Effect

Music can affect the way a person’s outlook on life. It can make you think, move, and feel. It can change lives. The Radiance Effect believes making music isn’t just a pastime or a hobby; it’s a way of life. They feel that they are called to create music not just for the masses, but rather songs that can truly make the listener feel something intensely. Citing influences such as Switchfoot, Mute Math, and Dashboard Confessional, they are bent on creating a sound that combines their collective tastes into something utterly unique. Fans have said their sound is akin to everything from Anberlin to The Almost and The Cure. Running the gamut from intense rock to pop ballads, they aim to play music that everyone can relate to, yet no one is hearing. They deal with tough issues in their songs, such as the pain of living in a broken home and the self-centered attitude that seems to pervade America, yet the songs remain hopeful of a better life to come.

Over the last 3 years, The Radiance Effect has become known as one of the hardest working best live bands in the independent music scene. Except for a brief period they spent signed with Kikstart Records, a record label out of Southwest Missouri, they have remained independent, preferring to remain on the road for the majority of each year. Playing over 300 shows a year (with over 800 total shows as a band), they rarely have downtime when they aren’t out connecting with their friends and fans. To date they have booked over 850 shows and 39 tours by themselves, while playing and/or touring with bands such as Blindside, Hawk Nelson, Casting Crowns, Forever the Sickest Kids, Sanctus Real, As Cities Burn, Jonezetta, Emery, Lovedrug, Audio Adrenaline, Chris Tomlin, Abandon Kansas, Disciple, Jason Castro, Stars Go Dim, Rookie of the Year, Superchick, Norma Jean, The Color Fred, and Stellar Kart, and playing shows for up to 20,000+ people. All that time on the road has helped them achieve thousands of dedicated fans, and earn multiple product endorsements from reputable companies like Mesa Boogie, Truth Custom Drums, Pedal Train, JHS Pedals, Audix Microphones, Soultone Cymbals, Veritas Guitars, Curt Mangan Strings and Reverend Guitars, while selling over 15,000 records independently. They’ve survived more than 5 member changes in the last 4 years, and have become even stronger because of it.

From the center of the Golden State reigns Amoret. What started off as singer Christine Graham's solo project has developed into the up and coming band that has everybody talking. From the intensity of "Chaos," to the upbeat, feel-good rhythm of "Love in the Past Tense," to the genuine love you feel when listening to "Little Spoons," you can tell Amoret has a lot to offer. Live, their music comes alive with a rock n roll vibe and enough energy to make you feel like you've loved them for a long time. If Amoret is coming to your town, they are not something to miss.

Get Up & Go

Ryan Agustin (20) was born in Visalia CA, now currently living in Fresno CA, has been musically inclined since his 5th grade year. He hopes to spread joy and encourage those who are downtrodden to get up off the ground and make something of this life by creating tunes that make you just want to jam.

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