Albert and his Dreamboats

Albert and his Dreamboats

Albert and His Dreamboats is a southern California country band comprised of a line-up of experienced LA musicians. I met my Dreamboats while pursuing a music degree at CalArts- each of them, at the time, engaged in projects spanning from hardcore math rock to 1920's New Orleans Jazz. What brought us all together was a shared sense of humor and deep appreciation of great song writing, especially those penned by the hillbilly Shakespeare, Hank Williams.

After two years apart, each of us touring and recording with different groups, we all found ourselves back in Los Angeles. During that time, Roger Miller took full residency in my headphones; I realized great country music has no set form. Pick up trucks and tales of heartbreak delivered with a southern twang isn't a requirement- just commonplace.

This realization took the pressure off, and led to a string of songs that would eventually become "Seven Songs to Whistle While Your Fishin'." Robert Anderson, a drummer I had toured with in the past, was the first to join me on these recordings. With only one microphone and two days time we cranked out seven tracks.

I brought these recordings to Jordan Bush, an incredibly talented multi instrumentalist and close friend, who provided harmonica, saxophone, and pedal steel. After a little over a week we had fifty hand assembled CD's and the beginnings of a country band. I shared the CD's with Dylan Rodrigue (Guitar, Bible Study) and Thomas Berg (Bass, Buckaroo), two musicians I've admired for years, and they both responded with fantastic encouragement and interest in joining the lineup.

With the lineup now set, we released the 2015 holiday album, "Seven Songs to Whistle While You Christmas" and have begun playing around Los Angeles and San Francisco.

All in all, I'm trying to write the kind of songs I'd like to hear and put on the kind of shows I'd like to see. Our story is in it's earliest chapters, but I'm confident in what this will become and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride so far.

Thanks for checking us out- we'd love to have you on board!

Warm Greetings,

Cpt. Albert T. Hickman

Leroy from the North

Leroy From the North is an American indie rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Leroy from the North puts a modern twist on the Laurel Canyon sound (Crosby, Stills Nash, Neil Young, Gram Parsons) along with a bit of Joe Walsh. Lead singer/guitar player, Eli Wulfmeier, joined forces with producer Rob Schnapf on LFN's forthcoming EP scheduled to be released early in 2018.

Duk (formerly Deux Sons) is a seven piece, all-instrumental band based in Los Angeles who play a primal brew of smart pre-rock-n-roll. Their sound blends the interweaving polyphonies of balkan folk music, the sweet rolling soul of a dixieland band in full swing, and a certain punk snap that is all their own. This band of twenty-somethings has coined the genre "Gypsy Jazz" for their original music, as this motley instrumental crew is able to fully captivate its audiences with an emotional live energy.

Duk is Max Whipple on accordion, Spencer Ludwig on trumpet, Kane Ritchotte on drums, Cary Singer on electric guitar, Ari Balouzian on viola, Eugene Fabiero on tuba, and Colin Krupka on sax. Their debut EP, recorded and produced by Dash Lefrancis and Deux Sons in Silverlake, California, is scheduled to be released in August 2013. It will feature six original compositions, ranging from gypsy-esque party tunes to dark waltzes and cartoony, Raymond Scott inspired journeys. All six songs were composed by Max Whipple.



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