Battle Of The Fans

Battle Of The Fans

XPOZ is looking to give 2 local bands a chance to play live at the VANS WARPED TOUR. The Battle of the Fans contest has become very popular in the local music scene.  Each year over 100+ bands enter to compete for the highly-coveted prize of performing at a large scale music festival. We are now offering 2 bands the opportunity of a lifetime by giving them a chance to play live in front of thousands of fans.  The contest can be intense and requires 100% of your bands dedication and must remain “DRAMA” free!


Drown A Deity


A Real King

Just a bunch of Vegas kids singing about some serious shit while throwing in some not so serious poop jokes in between songs."A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away." Actually, more like 2009. That is where the story begins for Derek, David, and myself. Its quite a long tale with many hits and misses. The three of us were involved in many different musical ventures over the years, with some proving to be more successful than others. A couple years ago we met Oscar, and it couldn't have been at a more opportune moment because we were at the brink of giving up. The chemistry we developed was enough to turn the boat around and here we are giving it our all. No hesitation, no fear, we want to climb as high as fucking possible, so if there is to be fall, it'd better kill us. - Angel Stark

Classical guitar training, Jazz percussion, and concert choir allowed for the discipline and respect for the foundations of music, our combined love for classic rock inspired us to carry the torch of a genre of music that speaks to all whom walk the earth. Be you: Merry or homicidal, Rock & Roll is a language in and of itself and is the personification of individualistic passion and the auditory expression of extreme emotion in its purist form.

We speak 'That' language.

For INCARNATE, life is about ADRENALINE PUMPING, HEART STOPPING, ROCK AND ROLL! Fronted by vocalists: Baylee and Aryah, along with instrumentalists: Justin and Trevor (guitars), Avry (bass) and Gage (drums). Each of the six members bring their own unique musical abilities to add to the sound of the band. With crunchy guitar riffs, thundering drums, and euphoric vocals, INCARNATE is yelling, “CLEAR” and slamming the defibrillator back onto Rock Music. INCARNATE embodies the soul of classic 70’s Rock with a shot of Blues. Shaken, not stirred!

The Lesser Evil

Child Support

Sloan Walkers

JERK! is a Punk Rock Trio From Sin City Las Vegas NV ripping up the Punk Rock Scene In Vegas Shredding 3 chord progressions melodic verses, boozin and crusin, and working their asses off promoting the punk sound and scene in their city.

JERK! was started in November 2015 With Josh The Jerk, Tate Hall and Josh Howard. Everything came together really fast so they decided to start booking gigs at local bars and venues in Las Vegas. The first show was on Thanksgiving at the Double Down Saloon and it’s become a favorite place to play and the good people there have made them welcome, it’s a home to the band. The Three Midwest dudes were playing every possible show in Vegas to gain exposure, tighten their chops, mold their sound, and bring attention to the versatile punk scene in Las Vegas. You might not know it if you’re not from here but Vegas has a killer punk scene that’s been in existence for decades. JERK! is now a part of that and proud to represent Sin City when on the road. With influences including such bands as The Ramones, The Queers, Screeching Weasel, The Nobodys, The Riverdales, this band is a force to be reckoned with.


Tickets Available at the Door

$10 General Admission // $10 Day Of Show

Standing Room Only ~ *NO RE-ENTRY*

All guests must have a valid government/state issued ID for entry to the venue. No refunds.


*Advertised set times are subject to change - Doors Open at 5:00PM*

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