Tasman & Noizepunk

Tasman & Noizepunk

Tasman & Noizepunk: Tasos Papastamou - violin and Gene Pritsker - Di.J. / guitar, perform a set of music for violin and Di.J. at Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3. They will be joined by artist/composer/pianist Mark Kostabi, violinist/vocalist Elena Shalenkova and composer/bassist Dan Cooper. Compositions by Papastamou, Pritsker, Cooper and Kostabi will be performed, including: ‘Waiting III’, ‘Anesthetic Effect #1’ and ‘Lounge 101’ by Pritsker, Rabbit Skin Glue and Eternal Bliss by Kostabi and music from Tasman’s albums Solace' and ‘Ambivert'



GA Seated || Please note, there is a two drink minimum in the room.

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