Mo Lowda, The Dawn Drapes, Glass Twin

Mo Lowda

Known for their progressive song writing and energetic live performances, Mo Lowda & the Humble's beginnings were in the beer-soaked basements of Philadelphia. Following the release of their first full-length, Curse the Weather, the band started to hit the road. 2015 was highlighted by shows throughout the country and plays at notable summer festivals such as Firefly. The band's 2016 sophomore release, 'Act Accordingly', is a short and sweet embodiment of the band's natural progression; refining their already formidable sound. Since, the band has seen a line up change, with the addition of bassist/multi instrumentalist Jeff Lucci; bringing an elevated dynamic to the band as they continue through 2017 with endless tour dates and the creation of LP2.

The Dawn Drapes

The Dawn Drapes is an alternative indie rock trio that formed in early 2011 as the brain child of songwriters Michael Sanzo and Daniel Rice. Early on the group played folk inspired rock and roll with a hint of avant garde. Over the next few months the group gained experience by playing with a rotating group of musicians that brought influences from many different genres, further expanding the music palette of The Dawn Drapes. In May of 2011 the group recorded their first full length self-titled and self-recorded album, during which their sound began to move away from the folk rock genre hinting that something truly unique was on the horizon. In 2012 singer / drummer Greg "Eggy" Gorman joined the band to round out The Dawn Drapes sound. The heavy hitting, yet well thought out drumming style of Eggy, along with his ability to harmonize perfectly with the rest of the group finally completed the band's sound which has influences ranging from Nirvana to Fleetwood Mac. Since then the band has been playing extensively from Washington DC to Southern VA all the while honing their craft and pushing their musical boundaries.

Glass Twin

"The best music can’t be categorized.

With a band like Glass Twin, you can try an easy term like Psych, or Dream Pop, or some hyphenated whatever, but you’re still not there. And more importantly, they’re crafting something unique, something you haven’t heard before. Their influences aren’t guarded, nor are they obvious. You may hear elements of Krautrock, or Shoegaze, or even a hint of the cinematic scope of Brian Wilson when you listen to their recordings or see them perform live. But to paraphrase an old cliché, the present is greater than the sum of its past.

Glass Twin weaves an array of unexpected textures and moods into a dreamlike collage of sound and imagery. And like most dreams, they take you somewhere unexpected. They’re alternately mesmerizing and startling. There’s menace and longing, joy and pain, and a certain indescribable raw beauty in each song.

You really have to experience Glass Twin for yourself. And then you can place them in any category you have a mind to. Or you might just step back and say, “Damn, that’s a great band”.

Glass Twin is Marshall O'Leary on keyboards, Karanja Burke on guitar and vocals, multi-instrumentalist Ricky Tubb, bass player Zak Bryant, and Kevin Cornell, who delivers his vocals from behind the drums.

O'Leary and Cornell were the principals of Glass Twin’s acclaimed predecessor, Marionette. Bryant shares his time and talents with Shy, Low. Burke spent time in Blacksburg, where he played in True Sound and No Time. And Tubb is a beloved veteran of the Richmond music scene."

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