Lou Gramm is an American Rock Vocalist and song writer best known for being The original lead singer of the American/British Rock Band “Foreigner”. He is a native of Rochester NY, born Louis Andrew Grammatico. Mr. Gramm helped “Foreigner” churn out seven multi-platinum albums and 20 Top 40 singles, including “Cold as Ice,” “Juke Box Hero,” “Urgent” and
“I Want to Know What Love Is”. He has been Grammy nominated several times and his first solo album
“Ready or Not” produced the top played song of the year “Midnight Blue” in 1987. This same year he contributed the Title song “Lost in the Shadows” to the soundtrack for the horror film “The Lost Boys”. His second solo album “Long Hard Look” released in 1989 offered a couple more top ten hits including “Just Between You and Me”. In 1991 he formed Shadow King and released a self titled album as well as contributing the song “One Dream” to the movie “Highlander ll:The Quickening”. His autobiography – “Juke Box Hero”: ”My five Decades in Rock ‘N’ Roll”, is among the top selling rock books in America. In 2013, Lou was inducted into the prestigious Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York City as well as the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. Lou is still Rocking his fans with live performances all over the US and other countries. He is currently working on a CD
in hopes to have it out early next year (2017).

Famous Fred and The Creatures Unknown

Famous Fred & the Creatures Unknown are 4 musicians from Cheektowaga, NY who collectively represent a new generation of rock & roll culture.

Eddy Jagiello - Vocals
Mike Lettiere - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Barnhard - Piano/Bass/Vocals
Sam Maccalupo - Drums/Crowd Heckler

What do a broken compass, an ad on Craigslist, and near death experiences have in common? They all molded the members of WNY's symphonic hard rock band Lost Elysium. With melodic driving beats infused with punk, metal and R&B flavors, Lost Elysium creates a world where the listener is invited to the safety of abnormality.

With a successful EP, "Catharsis" released in 2013 they were ready to hit the studio for a full length EP. Born of struggle, pain, animosity, and fear was Volume 1: Destiny's Bullet. Released in November, 2014 the album received reviews most notably from WNY's Artvoice
Co Founding the project in early 2013, Ashley Elle (vocal/keys) and Brian Muller (guitar), were motivated to create an atmosphere that resonates with painful memories and malicious intent. "it's truly a journey we are taking the listener on", Elle says. With the addition of Ricky Guard (drums) in late 2013 and Devin Kyle (bass) in 2014, the band was complete and ready to start again.

Since the addition, Lost Elysium had opened up for international bands such as Lacuna Coil, Saliva, Theory of a Deadman and Smile Empty Soul. Lost Elysium, not content to rest on their laurels, has recorded their new full length album titled Volume I: Destiny's Bullet. The much anticipated album was recorded at legendary Watchmen Studios and was released to rave reviews. Ashley Elle says, "this is just the beginning."

$10.00 - $25.00


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