Assuming We Survive

Assuming We Survive is taking the world by storm, using raw passion and good old hard work has them becoming the new face of pop punk. Their roots run deep, rising up through the ranks from the local scene to national tours with big names such as Atreyu, Falling In Reverse, Attila, and many more. AWS was founded in 2007 by front-man Adrian Estrella and drummer Kris Pasos. The lineup is rounded out by bassist Joe Lawson with guitarists Phil Adams and Johnny Silva. By the time the band released their second EP "Get Busy Living", they had already booked themselves on two Western United States tours; defining their ability to work hard and willingness to sacrifice for their craft. These tours built a massive following both local and abroad, earning them enough recognition to be invited onto "A Day To Remember's" Self Help Fest in 2015. On top of these festivals, they have also played several Warped Tour dates in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 2015 and the 2013 Aftershock Festival. As well as getting invited on the Super Villains Tour with Falling In Reverse, Attila, and Metro Station as well as the Christmas Vacation Tour with Falling In Reverse and Atreyu.
With the stage set for 2016, Assuming We Survive is poised to unleash a full length record that will take no prisoners as well as a March tour that will pave the way for their performances at both SXSW and the South By So What festival in Austin, Texas. On top of all of these big things happening for the band this year, there is still more they have yet to unveil such as playing the Journey's stage on all of Warped Tour 2016.


MOONWALKER, the highly acclaimed tribute to Michael Jackson, as portrayed by lead vocalist Trace Devai, pays homage to the life, music and incredible showmanship of the beloved Icon.

Trace's body line, mannerisms and dance artistry, precisely capture Michael's style and grace with an edge that flows freely from within. The illusion is beyond mimicry.

As Trace comes on stage before he even sings a note, the audience is spellbound.....and then he sings and the magic is complete. This is more than a tribute. This is a phenomenon.
America's Michael Jackson Tribute Band

Featuring Trace Devai as the King of Pop!

At This Point

At This Point is a band out of Maryland making post-hardcore music with musicians with very different ranged influences which impacts their ability to play music and to spread their creativity and unify genres into something unique and bring something new to the music industry. Unsigned, these 5 musicians have poured their heart and soul into their music.

$10 advance/ $12 day of


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