Hold Close, Bearings

Hold Close

Hold Close. Whether it's your family, friends, or simply what makes you happy. Do what you love, because life is too short. Our goal as a band is to connect with people on a personal level as they live their day to day lives by sharing our stories, weaknesses, and same struggles that everyone else goes through. Come to a show and say what's up. We just got done recording at ABG Studios in Crown Point, Indiana for our freshman release. Be on the lookout!


Philadelphia's BEARINGS sound a good deal like some of the more underrated -- but no less beloved -- bands on the No Idea Records roster, TRUE NORTH and SMALL BROWN BIKE, though when the boys bring it down a few notches, influences from east coast indie bands like RAINER MARIA creep through. All told, BEARINGS do a fine job in continuing Philadelphia's tradition of producing intense and unpretentious punk rock. The city's flavor is undeniable here, as there are even parts that might draw comparisons to very early LIFETIME. Bummed out jams for a bummed out city. Runner Up Records

$11.00 - $13.00


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