Iridesense, My World, Zookino, My Demons Galore, Newborn.


Iridesense is a brother and sister team, Rick and Tara Eberle, along with Rob Viccari, and Rich Drouin. They are very tight unit, rhythmically, and vocally, and their songwriting tells a story. As a band they have been carving out their niche, staying true to their vision and making music with a message.

My World


My Demons Galore


In September of 2013, two Coney Island natives, singer/guitarist Allen James and bassist Eric Ross, made a decision to pursue their dreams of becoming musicians with a single goal: to bring back quality rock music. The two longtime friends, who have been playing and writing together since high school, both share a burning passion for music as well as a discontent with the current state of it (especially rock). And so they formed a band to establish a new direction, combining all sorts of genres into one band. They named it Newborn.

Eric is a pharmacist and Allen pursued a pre-PT track for four years before deciding to pursue music full time. After months of looking for a drummer, they finally found 23-year-old Blake Suben, and Newborn became a reality. The trio's five-song debut EP, Broken Virgo, will be out in early 2015.

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