Dr. Boogie Live at The Delancey!

"In this era of canned pop and one-hit wonders, it's harder and harder to find new bands that embody the true spirit of rock... n' roll. Suddenly, roaring out of Los Angeles, CA comes Dr. Boogie - a four piece powerhouse. Building on the foundation of seminal groups like the New York Dolls, Dead Boys, Flamin' Groovies, Rolling Stones, and Chuck Berry while adding their own twist to songwriting. With instant classics like "Get Back To New York City" and "Down This Road", Dr. Boogie has already captured the attention of Los Angeles taste-makers and have gained huge momentum in the underground rock n' roll scene from their home town of Los Angeles to countries overseas. Their songs are filled with infectious melodies belted out at full volume and soaked in enough attitude and moxy to keep pace with the raunchy guitar riffs littered throughout, and a rhythm section that moves like a locomotive headed straight for your gut. Since debuting in Oct 2014, they've built a loyal following in the clubs, recorded and released their debut full length LP "Gotta Get Back To New York City" (available on Dead Beat Records, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby), been featured by legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer on his KROQ radio show Rodney On The Roq, received airplay on the Sirius XM radio station "Little Steven's Underground Garage" by DJ Genya Ravan for her show "Goldie's Garage", as well as being invited by KXLU 88.9FM to perform live on their weekly broadcast. Consisting of singer/guitarist Chris P., guitarist Dustin James, bassist Jeff Turpin and drummer Luis Herrera, they are a well-oiled machine, pumping out irresistible grooves to fans hungry for high energy rock n' roll. Armed with strong performances, and bursting with attitude, this is one band that is carving out its own place in today's music world. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for Los Angeles' newest musical provocateurs." - Bill Cutler

"If this doesn't send you dancing off to the record store and falling in love with Rod Stewart and Saturday nights and shiny white ankle boots, nothing will, and you should probably just give up on rock n' roll completely. "Gotta Get Back To New York City" is a fantastic record. Worth it for the tambourine-shaking alone, really." - Classic Rock Magazine

"Rock's not dead, people. It's alive and kicking in a pair of platform Chelsea boots, and Yahoo Music's premiere of "Get Back to New York City" is proof". - Yahoo Music

"Sounds like something the Stones left behind when they wrapped up 1978's "Some Girls". Yeah, it's that good." - 2Fast2Die

"I can't really find anything to not like about these guys... Dr. Boogie are blazing their own smoky trail of snarling guitars, whorehouse pianos and honky tonkin' harmonicas that impresses upon first listen." - Veglam, Anguish Young

"They understand what real honest working class rock and roll sounds like, have a fantastic balance of instruments used by the good and the greats and should stand tall and be proud of this mighty fine slab of wax. Rock and roll is in safe hands, boys and girls, now go get your prescription. " - Uber Rock

"Talk about chemistry - this band is like the lab accident that gave The Flash his superpowers." - Sef Ashby, The Dead Notes

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