The Last Internationale

The Last Internationale

The Last Internationale picks up the torch carried in various places and at different times by Bob Marley and the Wailers, Nina Simone, Public Enemy, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Rage Against the Machine, and hundreds more.

That torch is deployed here to illuminate the dark spaces of injustice as well as to light up a path toward freedom. The Last Internationale speaks with passion and intimacy to anarchists and guerrillas, to comrades-in-arms, to friends and strangers alike, tripping and running, busting out of jail—breaking all the entanglements that ensnare us, all the cotton wool that smothers us—searching out the rhythms of resistance, and deploying every one of the weapons within reach: truth-telling and courage, beauty and form, abiding patience and infinite perseverance, indignation, urgency, incitement, and mostly love.

These power-house rebel-rockers hold the torch with renewed confidence and a sparkling fresh spirit.

We Will Reign overflows with emotional richness and humanity, challenges us to throw off the lifeless, unpleasant, and unerotic in our lives, and announces a profound truth: any revolution worth having will be powered by a deep desire for joy as well as justice. We can feel the thud of the police stick and the searing pain of the interrogation cell, but also the exhilaration of choosing to lead a moral life in a world gone mad, and the power of pursuing a politics based on freedom dreams beyond dogma and opportunism.

The music hums with the universal hope for a world in balance and at peace, and it’s punctuated with the most basic human cry: I shall create! I found myself provoked and agitated, gasping for air, talking to myself and hollering back, laughing through tears while screaming above the ecstasy.

WWR does what good art demands: I was in orbit.

We Will Reign—part joyous awakening, part indictment of unnecessary suffering, part astonishing love-letter, and part full-throated invitation to a revolution—is not so much a map as a beckoning, not a completed script, but fragments of an unfinished improvisation.

They have a story to tell, a thousand stories really, echo after echo from long ago and from just a minute past, reverberations booming toward an uncertain future and ricocheting back at us, refrains from the rough but lovely localities of the wretched of the earth to the hard boundaries of lost and disappearing things.

Every line calls us together and invites us to create, each gestures toward a world that could be but is not yet; every note offers another door you might squeeze through in search of the rest of your life.

Turn the knob, slip the lip, dive headfirst into the wreckage— now there you are.”

"One of the most dangerous bands in the world," Kyle Nixon of the legendary punk band Solger.

"New York's counterculture spirit lives on in The Last Internationale." -RJ Cubarrubia, Rolling Stone Magazine.

New Jersey Rock and Roll. Opening/Supported: Deftones, Refused, Nick Oliveri and Mondo Generator, He Is Legend, T, No Devotion, Night Riots, Must Be the Holy Ghost, Nicole Atkens, Willie Nile, Alvarez Kings, The Dough Rollers.

2016 Single Release - "Can't Say It Ain't True" - Regular Rotation FM radio, featured artist on KUCI, WEQX, WSOU, KJEE, KPNT, WCNR, WWSK, KACV, KBRE, KFMA, WLKK, WFUZ, WRAT, WDHA

2015 LP "Dirt, Rust, Chaos" National Airplay, International Press, Major Support slots for national artists. National Airplay including features on "Out of the Box" WAXQ with Jonahtan Clarke, Multi-Show Feature on KROQ "Rodney with the Roq" with Rodney Bingheimer

Featured performer at Launch Music Conference, Liberty Music Festival (PA), Millennium Music Conference, Big Lick Music Conference, Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, DXDT Roanoke VA, Maplewoodstock Music Festival, Bring Rock Back Festival, 2 Month Residency at Maxwell's NJ (Sept/Oct 2015), Multiple National Support Slots at Webster Hall (Marlin Room and Studio), over 120 shows in 2015. Nominee for Asbury Park "Rock Band Of The Year" Music Award

"Deaf Rhino are a loud and raucous live act. The band's recorded output -- beginning with 2015's Dirt, Rust, Chaos -- captures that energy and grit while exhibiting a polish that makes it sound like Deaf Rhino will soon be reaching beyond the basements and bars of the Tri-state Area. That also comes through on their latest track, "Can't Say It Ain't True." -

“From the get go you know this LP means serious business, each song is different and explores every depth of their musical ability. The LP is a smash success for their first full-length and a promising look into the their bright future.” -

"Much in the same way Billy Joel and Elton John own Madison Square Garden or Bruce Springsteen’s unquestioned Kingdom in the Meadowlands, it looks like NJ hard rockers Deaf Rhino are gunning for a similar mantle with the newly re-varnished Maxwell’s." - Speak Into My Good Eye

“this Jersey quartet brings the groovy, the melodic, and the aggressive all into one, with just the perfect hint of lipstick-and-leather-jacket smolder to carve it out from a blaring wall of sound into a rock & roll experience. Even the surreal imagery of a deaf rhino sprinting at you in slow motion is a perfect match to the monstrous riffs and heart-racing drums.” - Property of Zak

“ Artist of the day: Deaf Rhino give new meaning to the term DIY. The balls-to-the-wall rock & roll band from New Jersey -

"Their unrelenting commitment to rock and roll has been captured through their own vigorous self-promotion and unforgettable live shows, and it’s all culminating in the release of their debut LP, Dirt, Rust, Chaos, on May 5” - Diffuser.FM

"Deaf Rhino brought up the energy of the crowd with their set, full of hard-rocking songs and plenty of guitar solos. In fact, towards the end of their set, lead singer / guitarist Adam Schlett jumped off stage and joined the crowd for one last solo. It was a perfect end to their quite energetic performance.” -

Featured on premiere indie rock shows, like “Out of the Box” on Q104.3 NYC and “Rodney with the Roq” on KROQ LA. Dirt, Rust, Chaos saw success on the FMQB specialty charts and boasted simultaneous top 10 chart placements in both the singles and albums category in late April 2015. The LP landed #6 in FMQBSubmodern Alternative Album category. Dust,​ Rust, Chaos ​also earned a #8 spot on FMQB Submodern Alternative for their single, “Hey You."

"Dont' Believe What You Heard" - NJ WDHA and WRAT Top 15 New Jersey Songs of the Year by DJ Rich Russo (Dec 2015)

Deaf Rhino's 2015 LP "Dirt, Rust, Chaos" has Been Licensed directly or through agency partners of the following shows/networks:

NASCAR - (network wide, multi sync license), DISCOVERY Network (network wide, multi sync license), MTV Network MTV Network Oxygen Network, E!TV!, Bunim Murray

New Jersey natives Chevonne and The Fuzz are bringing their powerhouse rock sound to the masses with their debut LP Chevonne and The Fuzz. The 12-track album features larger-than-life guitar riffs (and dueling “guitarmonies”), raucous hooks, sly lyrics, and the mischievous and electric interplay between married vocalists Chevonne Ricci and Chris “Cree” Ricci.

Before starting the band in 2012, Chevonne toured the world singing backup vocals for award-winning UK artist Estelle, then went on to sing and perform in Lady Gaga’s Monsterball world arena tour and HBO special; she also dazzled prime-time TV viewers on Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice, where she received coaching and high praises from both Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera. After her time on The Voice, she took to Kickstarter to successfully crowd-fund Chevonne and The Fuzz’s 2013 eclectic pop-rock EP Fire At Will (check it out here: The EP was critically acclaimed, and obtained exclusive streams from ARTISTDirect and MSN Music, as well as single releases on Zimbio and GuitarWorld.

On the merit of Fire At Will, Chevonne and The Fuzz—whose additional members include Chris Bookstaver (guitar,vocals), Doug Hoekstra (bass), and Nick Potters (drums,vocals)—were invited to kick off Milwaukee’s Summerfest, one of the largest and most attended music festivals in the country, and were met with a throng of supportive new fans. It was at Summerfest where C&TF began testing the waters with harder, riff-based songs that would eventually end up on the LP. They returned to the east coast to wow the crowd of North Jersey Pride 2013 in Maplewood with their powerful, large-scale outdoor performance stage presence. During the subsequent year and a half, as they curated hard rock nights at Mexicali and Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken, and developed a cult following at the revamped Court Tavern in New Brunswick, an organic shift took place from their previous kitschy pop-rock sound to a more complex, heavy sonic landscape that can only be described as authentic New Jersey rock’n’roll.

Chevonne and The Fuzz knew they had to pay tribute to their home state and home-grown musical identity by recording the album at local up-and-coming Architekt Studios in Butler, NJ. They co-produced the tracks with renowned producer/engineer Mike Ferretti, who most notably produced Atlanta rock band Sevendust’s newest LP Kill The Flaw, which includes the single “Thank You” that received a 2016 Grammy nomination. C&TF commissioned NJ-based graphic artist Anthony Rubolotta to design a high-concept album package, which features a fluid front-to-back cover image of a mystical woman whose wild hair is entangled with the fur of a howling wolf; this image is harmonious with the band’s rugged sex appeal and visceral approach to playing & writing. Although the band is independent and unsigned, they are passionate about creating a fully immersive experience for this album cycle through moody, original imagery and cutting-edge merch.

Complete with a spirited, rough-and-tumble stage presence similar to No Doubt, the timeless rock grit and vocal power of Heart, and the steadfast pocket and face-melting crunch of The Foo Fighters, you’ll want to keep an eye on Chevonne and The Fuzz.



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