Southeastern Roastery "Bitches Brew"

Southeastern Roastery "Bitches Brew"

Bitches Brew will explore the mysticism of the history of coffee, it’s origins in the mystical orders of Suffism and the scholastic orthodox Islam, it’s use to come into contact with the divine by the recitation of supplications, and it’s controversial shaping of social intercourse (in politics, art, literature, etc.). However, Bitches Brew will bring to light that women, in historic times, generally didn’t tend to go into coffee houses.

Unlike the 16th century camaraderie surrounding coffee, Bitches Brew opens the opportunity for women and people working on women’s issues to come together for what is traditionally called "Sohbet" or "open heart to heart dialogue".

And... we'll have fun! Southeastern Roastery will be offerring tastings of the non-alcoholic Ethiopian Yirghacheffe as well as unique and inspired coffee cocktials like the Ethiopian Yirgh with Dogfish Head "Bitches Brew" Stout and cream or Amaretto on ice! All set to Miles Davis, Lauryn Hill and other inspiring musical selections!



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