The Goodnight Darlings

The Goodnight Darlings

The Goodnight Darlings fuse Kat Auster's pop-rock vocals (think Madonna, Blondie, Chrissie Hynde) with Wilson. Jaramillo's world-music, hip-hop flavored beats (think Jay-Z meets The Clash), and Wilson's lush New Wave guitars (think The Cure). Kat Auster is also a Juilliard Theater grad which reflects in her provocative visceral live shows, and in her poetic storytelling style lyrics. Wilson has extensive touring experience with The Fugees and Wyclef Jean in arenas around the world. He uses 11 different effect pedals and is nicknamed "The Scientist" because of his experimentation with soundscapes. Together they create "dance-punk electricity". The songs are sultry sexy and melancholy--hauntingly danceable. Genre is Indie Pop, Rock, Post-Punk.

Elison Jackson

Elison Jackson is a garage–folk/ psychedelic rock band from Philadelphia, PA & New Haven, CT. The band has put out three records and several bedroom-demo mix-tapes since 2011. Their third LP, "Do Not Fear To Kill A Dead Man", was released in the fall of 2013 to critical acclaim. Featuring basement organs, haunted lyrics and Neil Young-esque guitar jams, their sound has expanded significantly from its folk roots, moving forward with a strong foundation into blues, 80's analog synth, and prog-rock. Their newest record, a 5-song collection titled "Silver Sounds: Hallucinations", takes a step further in the band's sonic progression. Heavier drums, driving synth, and atmospheric bowed upright bass fill out the songs in a way the band has never achieved before.

Staying busy since their beginnings in 2010, Elison Jackson has emerged as one of the most consistent and unique bands in CT. Sharing the stage with Elvis Perkins, Akron/Family, Mystic Braves, Simone Felice and other like-minded contemporaries, the band has built a loyal following in CT and beyond. Primary songwriter and singer Sam Perduta currently resides in Philadelphia, PA, after living and basing the band out of New Haven from 2012-2015. The band plans on touring extensively in the Spring and Summer, and will be releasing "Silver Sounds: Hallucinations" on 12" record at the end of 2016. They are currently in the studio recording a follow up at the infamous "Blazone" in New Haven, CT.

"Elison Jackson has added an extra layer to their already psychedelic sound by dropping a record that resembles a psychedelic experience in of itself" - The Deli Magazine

"..evokes sepia tacked imaginary, the drawers of memory materialize in present as a mysterious if "Time Out Of Mind" was recorded by a band of twenty-somethings in a garage: lucid madness"- Gabriele Benzing, OndaRock Italy

"With two solid full-length albums and a handful of EPs and singles now to their credit, Elison Jackson has established itself as one of Connecticut's most consistently interesting young bands. Their most recent LP, last fall's "Do Not Fear to Kill a Dead Man" (Telegraph Recording Company), is an assured nine-song collection of rootsy rock songs..."- Rolling Stone contributor Eric Danton, Listen Dammit

"Elison Jackson comes across as being possessed with an inherent wisdom bound by some ancient knowledge capable of evoking eerie comfort from shaking hands with the vague and wistful memories of lives past." - Drop Zone LA


TOYZ is a sound based out of New Haven, CT/Philadelphia, PA. Justin Courtney Roberts (member of New Havens Fake Babies) started TOYZ out of necessity. Still trying to work out a line-up the group consists of Justin and guitarist Jason Sirianni. The sound is very much pop in the rawest is form. Its real



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